Enjoy The Richness Of Gourmet Cuisine In Bansko

Bansko is a top destination in Bulgaria, but also in the Balkans, for many reasons! Bansko is a great choice of a highest level winter resort, as it combines the wonderful mountainous ski and snowboard runs with the cultural and historical monuments, as well as with the rich choice of restaurants and hotels. 

More than 150 000 tourists from all over the world come every year in Bansko to show their skills on the ski runs, enjoy the walks in nature and escape the urban stress. The total length of the ski runs is 75 km, providing routes for beginners, intermediate and advanced. The town is equipped with well-maintained machines for artificial snow.

In addition to the numerous winter activities suitable for the preferences of people of all ages, competitions of international importance, festivals, plays, shows and many other events are organized in Bansko every month – the program is full throughout the year, as it contains many interesting cultural events that are fun for both children and adults.

The accommodation options are also abundant – you will be warmly welcomed both in the small family hotels and in the luxury four and five-star hotels. Of course, in the premium and chic hotels of the town, you will enjoy luxury and comfort from the moment you step inside, as most of the luxury hotels will offer you amazing SPA centres, equipped with the latest generation and modern SPA facilities, providing services for beauty and relaxation. And admit it – after the busy day on the ski runs, you will love to enjoy procedures in such a SPA complex, as it will relax your body and recharge your batteries.

What else can Bansko offer you?

Bansko is an incredibly developed destination all year round – the town is a host of various events not only during the winter months but also during the warmer months when you can enjoy mountain hikes, cycling, horseback riding, fishing, off-road, rock climbing and many other activities.

In addition to the abundant activities that you can practice on a daily basis, Bansko offers also very attractive nightlife. There are many restaurants and bars in the town, in which you can enjoy the culinary skills of famous master chefs.

What types of food you can try in Bansko

The food in Bansko is varied, authentic and very delicious. Some of the most famous specialities that you can try in almost every restaurant in Bansko are banski starets, kapama, flat sausage, grilled meat, Katino meat appetizer, Chomlek and many others. Most of the original dishes from Bansko are stewed with home-made sausages and other appetizers.

What else we can try in Bansko

Apart from the traditional restaurants and taverns, the lovers of non-standard cuisine can try also specialties of the foreign ones.

For example, if you like the authentic Italian cuisine and you would like to get to know better the Italian culinary tradition, you can visit one of the most impressive Italian restaurants in the region – the Leonardo restaurant in Bansko. The restaurant is bright, modern and spacious, in a Mediterranean style that is similar to the style of the chicest restaurants in Italy.

Here you will find classic Italian specialties and seafood delicacies, prepared in front of your eyes, made with imported products from the best Italian regions. In summer, the Leonardo restaurant welcomes its guests in the open-air garden area where the outdoor pool is located, so you can enjoy both the fresh mountain air and sunbathing while trying the first-class meals.

The gourmet specialties served here are not only the traditional for Italy pizza and pasta but also meat steaks from tender beef, of the Black Angus breed, with incredible taste and quality; meat that is only for connoisseurs.

The seafood specialties are also highly appreciated – the fish and seafood in this Italian restaurant are always fresh, delivered directly from Greece every three days.

The wine list includes a number of world-class Italian wines of the highest quality, mostly from the regions of Tuscany and Piedmont.

The desserts in Leonardo Bansko are also a great delight for the senses – also prepared with lots of love in Italian style.

Alpine cuisine in Bansko 

Besides the traditional cuisine of Bansko and the chic Italian specialties, in the town, you can try also Swiss and French traditional specialties. The only restaurant in Bansko that can offer you Swiss dishes is the Fondue restaurant. The Alpine restaurant is one of the most luxurious restaurants not only in Bansko, but also in Bulgaria, and here you can enjoy the Alpine architectural style and design.

The specialties are prepared in front of your eyes in the special show cooking area, there is also a wine bar with first-class French, Italian, Greek wines, rose, champagne and punch.

The food is really incredible. Some of the specialties that deserve your attention are cheese fondue (prepared with imported cheeses from France, Italy, Switzerland), meat fondue, fish fondue, raclette (which is served with Raclette cheese combined with sausages, cooked potatoes and toasted bread), meat – venison, pork fillet, Black Angus beef, prepared according to Alpine technology on a hot plate.

It doesn’t matter which Alpine dish of the menu of the unique restaurant Fondue you will choose, as for sure you will experience real joy and delight for the senses.

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