4 Things You Should Know About the Rise of Craft Soda

When was the last time you had a soft drink with no preservatives? If you’re health conscious and not into alcoholic beverages, you’re likely to have discovered a craft soda already that resonates with your taste buds. The rise in demand for craft sodas has come at a time when non-alcoholic drinkers are on the rise, and traditional fizzy drinks are losing popularity at a fast rate. 

People are becoming more enlightened in healthy living, and their food and drinks are leaning more towards healthier choices. Consequently, there’s a boom in small businesses that are making handcrafted drinks from different natural flavours.

Unlike in the past where traditional sugar-loaded drinks were the only option, there are now more variety of healthier and sophisticated beverages to choose. This article will enlighten you on four factors common across all craft sodas that every consumer should be aware.

Top 4 Factors Leading to the Rise of Craft Soda

1. Ingredients

If you cannot explain in simple language what you’re drinking, you’re better off not taking that drink. Craft sodas scream natural flavours, natural sugars, 100% natural concentrates and a small amount of carbonated water. That’s simple enough, and it’s the future of soft drinks.

Restaurants and pubs are making their craft drinks with pure natural ingredients that the clients can understand. Artificial dyes, corn syrup, preservatives and many other death traps packaged as drinks are now a thing of the past.

2. Variety

The craft soda market is overflowing with a variety of naturally flavoured drinks. In some cases, soda enthusiasts take enjoyment in sampling new flavours as they emerge in the market. There’s ginger beer, toxic slime, orange pop, lemon limes, and many others, you cannot exhaust the list, and new flavours are coming up every day.

3. Packaging

The packaging that comes with the drink is as important as the content it holds. As a consumer, your choice of craft soda says a lot about your personality. The bottlers are creating a packaging that can speak to the consumer. A clear glass showing the content and a clear label with all ingredients listed is the current trend.

4. Price

Many factors influence the cost of craft soda. The natural or organic ingredients used are not cheap. There’s also the variety factor to consider. Manufacturers are making small quantities of various flavours unlike the mass production of traditional soft drinks. Overall, craft sodas are expensive retailing from $10 a bottle.


It’s a happy time to be in the craft soda industry as it rises in popularity and reaches its peak. On the other hand, as a consumer, you’re also looking to spend your hard-earned cash on items that are living up to their hype.

As craft sodas do not come cheap, it’s okay to go ahead and scrutinize the content in your bottle. Chances are if it’s a good craft soda, your soda-enthusiast –self will thank you for the discovery but don’t stop there. There’s more to discover, enjoy the adventure.

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