A Virtual Phone Solution for Business Nomads

Business nomads usually belong to several occupational fields, mostly freelancers, consultants and digital experts. They are always on the move, constantly travelling to and inside other countries leading an international lifestyle.  The internet enables remote working so that they can implement their project from anywhere – provided, that there is internet access.

You love to travel, get to know other countries and cultures? But you also love your work and would not want to miss it? Why should you sacrifice the love for other countries by working in a traditional office and yearning for your next days off? Or you sit in one of the beautiful wellness retreats at the most beautiful coastal region you have ever seen, but you feel that something is missing?  Become a digital nomad and you can take advantage of both phenomena at the same time. Those who toy with the idea of becoming a business nomad should consider, that they are alone while travelling and should see to get connected to a social group with other business nomads.

The internet did not only our way of manufacturing, but it also changes the way we work.  The classical office life is exchanged by a lifestyle often combining working and travelling.  For small, digitalised companies, an online phone number of phone.com  should be organised – as work can happen all over the world, completely portable.  They are able to create their office life themselves. Working remotely via a connection to the internet, a smartphone and an upmarket computer.

How to Become a Business Nomad?

Admittedly, not every profession can be performed by a business nomad, simply because the

internet constitutes the sole connection between the customer and nomad. Nonetheless, some tasks are well suited, in particular, the various features of online marketing incl. writing and SEO, consultancy, photography, graphic design and software engineering as well as expats.  

In this article, we report on the technical development of remotely operating small companies. It does not necessarily imply that digital nomads travel a lot.  The key indicator “business nomads work transportable” does also apply to young mothers working as a freelancer as content creator at home or students acting as a graphic designer – they probably use this working method earn extra money and remain up to date. And – as home office work becomes more and more common – also staff members of a company can become a digital nomad and pursue their job on freelance-basis from their own couch.

The greatest advantage of working as a digital nomad is the flexibility for the nomads, as they decide for themselves if they want to work now or if they would rather do something else.  Meanwhile, the infrastructure for business nomads, too, are becoming better and better. Many large cities all over the world offer plain but functionally furnished working spaces for digital nomads.

Office Equipment for Take-Away!

Digital nomads travel but do not want to carry all too much. For doing their work, however, they need their laptop, a performant smartphone and of cause access to the internet.  Those working as classical digital nomads must have access to all devices needed to do their work. Here, we describe how much you depend on a working technical system with all accessories such as an extra external hard disc drive, an ethernet adapter, a memory card and at least one USB-stick. Moreover, you need your smartphone with all relevant apps for working, orientation and communication.

Those digital nomads who change countries as other change socks, it more and more important to find a proper solution to be attainable at all time for customers.  This is also important so that confidential discussions need to be secured to prevent that authorities listen in on discussions which might lead to a loss of confidence.  A virtual phone solution for digital nomads corresponds to a virtual, state-of-the-art security system that provides encryption and thus more safety during calls. 

In order to have everything at hand, several mini-offices designed as back-backs are available that can be converted for convenient transport during their regular journeys.

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