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Hong Kong is a beautiful country with both gorgeous city skyline and mountainous scenery to offer (depending on where you are facing). Other than heading up to Victoria Peak or trekking up one of Hong Kong’s many mountains, the next best option to take it the city’s view would be to chill out at one of their rooftop bars. From poolside bars to breezy cocktail lounge, here’s our pick of the best rooftop bars – top bars with a view when you are in Hong Kong. But of course if you are into trekking for the view, you should check out our post on Hong Kong Dragon’s Back – The Best Urban Hike in Asia.

1. S E V V A

A very fancy rooftop bar. You’ll get a mighty view among the skyscrapers and out over Kowloon and Victoria Harbor when entering the terrace. The proximity to the high-rise buildings creates a very cool feeling. A feeling of being very small. The big roof terrace and equipped with lounge areas and lots of seating’s. Book a table in advance, if you want to hang out in the lounge area. Make sure to dress neatly so that you don’t get denied in the door. No shorts for men.

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2. Wooloomooloo

If you want to get spectacular photos and this is the best rooftop bar in HK to visit. Here you’ll get a fantastic view of almost every part of the city. Landscape, Victoria Harbor, skyline, Kowloon, skyscrapers, Happy Valley, you name it. The interior of the terrace is in classic bar style but also with some nice sofas to settle down in. The best way to explore Wooloomooloo is to sit here for several hours and just enjoy the beautiful views while drinking some cocktails.

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3. Ozone at Ritz Carlton

The best Sunday brunch in Hong Kong at the highest peak in the city, Ozone at Ritz Carlton. This is the world’s highest rooftop bar located at an altitude of 480 meters at the 118th floor. Make sure to book a table in advance for the Sunday brunch. Free flow of Dom Pérignon, delicious food and a super nice atmosphere. A memory for life and probably the best brunch you’ll ever eat and drink. And the grand view from here is so breathtaking that you’ll be stunned when looking out over the city.

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With premium views of the Kowloon skyline and Victoria Harbor, this is a cozy and luxurious rooftop bar. Three thing comes to mind after our visit here. The chilled atmosphere, the fancy view and tasty drinks. This is a perfect spot for some afternoon cocktails or beers. Just settle down in one of the big lounge sofas and let the bartenders serve you some tasty drinks while you enjoy the view and the harmonious atmosphere.

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5. Eyebar

Maybe the best skyline view all over Hong Kong. Eyebar is a high-quality seafood restaurant with a very nice roof terraace. Unfortunately, you can’t eat on the terrace, but the drinks and the view you get from here, will be enough. The skyline of Hong Kong Island is one of the world’s most iconic skylines. Make sure to come here late afternoon during the sunset. This is also the time when the city lights up in a spectacular way when darkness falls. Perfect spot for after work.

6. Sugar

Located at the 4-star hotel East Hong Kong you’ll find this spectacular rooftop. The roof deck is very big and with views of Victoria Harbour and the Kowloon skyline. During the weekends it’s advisable to book a table in advance to be sure to get a seat here. It’s also during the weekends that you can find some really nice deals on drinks and food.

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7. Seafood Room

Just as the name of the restaurant suggests, this is a fancy seafood restaurant. Seafood room is equipped with two terraces with mighty skyline views over Kowloon. Settle down in one of the large sofas and just enjoy the view, food and tasty cocktails. A perfect spot for some afternoon hangout before heading for a night out in the Hong Kong.

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8. ToTT’s & Roof Terrace

One of the best rooftop restaurants in Hong Kong. Everything here oozes of quality and the décor of both the restaurant and terrace is very luxurious. A perfect spot both for a business lunch or a romantic dinner. Either way you’ll be stunned by the view of Kowloon and Victoria Harbour. Book your table in advance, especially if you want a table at the terrace.

9. Ce la Vi

According to many, this is the best rooftop bar I Hong Kong. And we are ready to agree. The view s are spectacular in this cozy and luxurious setting. The bar is very cool and with modern interior. Come here during late afternoon and evening to enjoy the fantastic views, refreshing drinks and the mighty views. Ce La Vi has more rooftop bars all over the world. For example they also have fabulous rooftops in both Bangkok and Singapore.

10. Pavilion at Crowne Plaza Causeway

If you put high value in quality of the hotel and the luxury of a rooftop swimming pool, this is the place to visit. One of the best rooftop swimming pools in all of Hong Kong. From the rooftop pool and the terrace you’ll get a magical view over the city skyline and the racing track in Happy Valley. You must be a guest at the hotel to be able to use the swimming pool. But it’s worth every penny if you ask us.

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