Singaporean Emerging Holiday Destinations – Best Places To Travel 2018

With a New Year of renewed annual leave on the horizon, it’s time plan your next holidays and make the most of your precious time off in 2018. To satisfy the inner explorer of every Singaporean traveller looking for a unique travel experience, Skyscanner has curated a list of the top Singaporean emerging holiday destinations – best places to travel 2018 and when to see them at their best. To get the best deals, Skyscanner advises planning ahead, with flights from Singapore typically being the cheapest 21-25 weeks in advance.  You can also set-up Skyscanner Price Alerts so you never miss when fares go down.

1. Best Places To Travel 2018 – Cape Town

Increase in Skyscanner flight searches (from 2016 vs 2017): 37% | Average flight prices: $916 | When to go: September for the best whale watching period and wildflowers bloom as the weather warms up | Best times to book: May

A stunning city in South Africa, Cape Town brims with unbridled, raw wildlife and gorgeous scenery.  Get up close and personal with nature’s most fearsome predator by observing Great White sharks through the inside of a steel cage, be mesmerised by Southern Right whales nursing their new calves, or wait patiently at Boulders Beach to greet African penguins heading home to nest. For culture vultures, Cape Town’s popular neighbourhood, Woodstock, has become a hip hangout for young artists, exhibiting in independent galleries.

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2. Best Places To Travel 2018 – Casablanca

Increase in Skyscanner flight searches (from 2016 vs 2017): 32% | Average flight prices: $889 | When to go: May for the most pleasant temperature | Best times to book: January

As Morocco’s largest city, with a population almost the same size as Singapore, Casablanca might not be as well-known as its more famous neighbours but that’s part of the charm. The name alone conjures images of Arabian hospitality and starry skies, and its vibrant day- and night-life won’t disappoint. Pay a visit to the awe-inspiring Hassan II Mosque and the neighbourhood around the Shrine of Sidi Abderrahmanm, or try your hand at haggling with stall holders at The Derb Ghalef neighbourhood.

3. Best Places To Travel 2018 – Caticlan

Increase in Skyscanner flight searches (from 2016 vs 2017): 18% | Average flight prices: $333 | When to go: November, during the dry season and away from the school break crowds that normally take place between March and May | Best time to book: June

Beach please. More than anything else, Caticlan is a gateway to Boracay, the Instagram-perfect beach paradise of the Philippines. Boracay’s White Beach is simply stunning, with extraordinarily pure powder sands that extend forever into azure blue waters. Dive into crystal clear waters, savour fresh seafood by the beach or simply work on getting a healthy tan. When dusk descends, live music starts, and dancers emerge on the scene. Sit back, lean into your deck chair with a cocktail and soak up the atmosphere.

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4. Best Places To Travel 2018 – Kathmandu, Nepal

Increase in Skyscanner flight searches (from 2016 vs 2017): 24% | Average flight prices: $339 | When to go: September during the onset of Autumn which provides the best weather | Best time to book: April

Kathmandu is a sprawling metropolis in Nepal and a heritage lover’s delight. Be sure to visit the most famous Buddhist stupa in Nepal, the Boudhanath, which was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. Visit during Gaijatra, also called the Festival of the Cows, a Nepalese festival celebrated for eight days in August and September. It is the local version of Halloween, which helps ease the suffering of both those who have passed on and those who have remained on earth. Don’t forget that Singaporeans need a visa to enter Nepal – get a visa on arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu, or at the Nepalese Consulate in Singapore.<

5. Best Places To Travel 2018 – Jaipur, India

Increase in Skyscanner flight searches (from 2016 vs 2017): 63% | Average flight prices: $395 | When to go: February and March for Jaipur’s annual Elephant Festival | Best time to book: Now

Gateway to the desert state of Rajasthan, Jaipur is a thrilling city of buzzing auto rickshaws, majestic historic palaces and ancient forts. The breath-taking Hawa Mahal (Palace of the Winds) is as Instagram-worthy as it gets, and the Iswari Minar Swarga Sal has city views that will take your breath away. A walk around the bazaar is sure to send your senses into overdrive so take a break with a cup of divine masala tea before poring over wares on display to cart home a few exotic goodies. To commemorate the visit of Queen Victoria in the 19th century, the Maharajah of Jaipur coloured the whole city in pink. To this day, the Rajasthani capital maintains this look, and buildings are either constructed from pink stone, or painted in various shades of rose pink.

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6. Best Places To Travel 2018 – Da Nang, Vietnam

Increase in Skyscanner flight searches (from 2016 vs 2017): 26% | Average flight prices: $187 | When to go: February, where the weather is not too hot nor humid | Best time to book: Now

Nothing stands still in Da Nang, one of Vietnam’s fastest modernizing cities. Take a leisurely stroll along the Han riverfront where new hotels, and apartments and restaurants pop up every other month. The river is now dotted with remarkable bridges, and in the north a new skyscraper city, D-City is emerging. While at Da Nang, it is worthwhile to pay a trip to nearby Hoi An, a charming city caught in a time capsule. This ancient town is blissfully free of noise pollution typically found in cities and whilst your ears adjust to the heavenly peace, drink in sights of colourful heritage shop houses, ancient temples and meditate by the riverside while enjoying a bowl of pho.

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7. Best Places To Travel 2018 – Okinawa

Increase in Skyscanner flight searches (from 2016 vs 2017): 51% | Average flight prices: $471 | When to go: First week of August where a large-scale dance festival called 10,000 Eisa Dancers Parade takes place | Best time to book: March

For diving fans, Japan’s Okinawa islands offer one of the most famous diving spots in the world, with rich marine wildlife and unusual underwater features. Yonaguni of the Yaeyama Islands stands out with an underwater structure called the Yonaguni monolith. Besides diving, Yonaguni is also very popular for hammerhead shark sightings. Put on your diving equipment and explore the mystical depths of the earth! If you don’t dive, there’s also the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium where you can appreciate marine life from the big tank that has a viewing panel 8.2 metres by 22.5 metres in size.

8. Best Places To Travel 2018 – Nadi

Increase in Skyscanner flight searches (from 2016 vs 2017): 75% | Average flight prices: $785 | When to go: October when the weather is warm | Best time to book: April

The Fiji islands are probably the closest thing to heaven on Earth. An archipelago of more than 300 islets in the South Pacific Ocean, they are famous for their unearthly beauty, from the crystal clear seawaters to golden beaches, accentuated by lush greenery and palm trees. You can now access all this perfection in just 10 hours, with Fiji Airways’ new direct flight from Singapore Changi Airport to the town of Nadi on Viti Levu island.

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9. Best Places To Travel 2018 – Athens

Increase in Skyscanner flight searches (from 2016 vs 2017):60% | Average flight prices: $685 | When to go: Late April to early June when the weather is agreeable and crowds are thinner | Best time to book: January

As Europe’s historical capital, Athens is the birthplace of democracy and a city that blends the old and the new. For fantastic views of the city and amazing sunsets, head to the top of Mount Lycabettus. Then, head to the Temple of Zeus, a 3,000 year-old building and the largest of its kind in Greece. Continue your journey and trace the footsteps of emperors and kings at the Acropolis, an ancient citadel located on a rocky outcrop above the city of Athens.

10. Best Places To Travel 2018 – Dublin, Ireland

Increase in Skyscanner flight searches (from 2016 vs 2017): 4% | Average flight prices: $836 | When to go: 17 March for St Patrick’s Day | Best times to book: Now

The popularity of searches to Dublin might be modest compared to the rest of on this list but it deserves a place in here as it’s chock-full of Irish quirkiness and charm! Visit during St Patrick’s Day and revel in the celebrations, join in the street parades as the Irish let down their hair and everything is decked out in playful green. Otherwise, on any normal day, pop into Guinness storehouse to enjoy a pint or two, or trace Oscar Wilde’s footsteps and visit the sites that inspired the literary genius.

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