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Menbakaichidai Fire Ramen Kyoto – Flaming Ramen In Japan’s Old Capital

Kyoto, the old capital of Japan is a foodie heaven. The city is beautifully riddled with Michelin-starred restaurants, elaborate kaiseki meals, tea ceremonies, street food and lavish ryokan breakfasts. Other than these traditional Japanese fares, Kyoto does have a wild side to their culinary scene too. Menbakaichidai Fire Ramen Kyoto restaurant is famous for their fiery signature dish – the Fire Ramen with both locals and tourists alike. Located just north of Nijo Castle in a quiet suburban area, my family paid a visit to experience its raging flames on our recent trip to the Land Of Rising Sun.  

Menbakaichidai Fire Ramen Kyoto –  Social Media Savvy Restaurant

The restaurant does not allow reservations so do be prepared to wait for around 15 to 30 minutes depending on the crowd.

For a ramen restaurant, they are extremely social media savvy. Right outside the main entrance, there is a selfie stand for you to position your photo for the perfect photo with their restaurant entrance as the backdrop. 

Although you are not allowed to take photo or film the process due to safety reasons, the staff are more than happy to position your mobile phones on the smartphone holders rights above their pots to help you capture the perfect footage when the flames come cascading down onto your piping hot ramen. 

Menbakaichidai Fire Ramen Kyoto –  Ramen Options

Once you are seated, you will be asked where you are from so they can give you the appropriate language menu and customize your safety explanation. The menu is pretty simple. You are given 4 different options – just the Fire Ramen going for 1,280 yen, 2 middle-range sets with fried rice and dumpling options as well as the final set which has fried rice, dumplings, fried chicken and a cool badge for 2,150 yen. 

With super cool phrases like “Let’s put our differences aside and eat a bowl of ramen” or simply “FIRE!”, many may be tempted to go for the special set. For us, we wanted to reserve our stomach for other Kyoto delicacies.

Each person must order their own bowl of fire ramen, sharing is not allowed. There are no vegetarian, vegan, or Muslim-friendly versions. For the ramen, they use chicken broth together with fish broth and both are inseparable. There is, however, a vegetable soup option. Too bad if you hate onions, you either take it or leave.

Menbakaichidai Fire Ramen Kyoto – So Deadly That Rules Need To Be Followed 

To sample the fire ramen, you have to sit at the counter, wear an apron and follow their safety rules strictly. Before they begin preparing your order, a friendly staff will  introduce himself and shows you a laminated sign with the rules to be observed for fire ramen:

1. Your height must be at least 110cm (3’7″)

2. Your age must be at least an elementary school student.

3. Please do not take pictures when oil is being poured.

4. Please stay seated no matter what. Don’t cry and don’t run away

5. Please do not touch the bowl, it’s covered with oil and may stain your clothes.

6. Please keep apron on while you eat to avoid staining your clothes.

As the flames do reach great heights, it is important to observe these rules for safety. 

Menbakaichidai Fire Ramen Kyoto – Green Onion Ramen

According to the staff, Fire Ramen is actually green onion ramen. Pouring the flaming oil just before eating brings out the flavour and releases the full aroma of green onion. It is a simple ramen with soy sauce-based soup of chicken, pork, and fish. 

Here’s a simple infographic on how it is prepared. 

Menbakaichidai Fire Ramen Kyoto – Taste & Experience

I brought my family to the restaurant because I wanted them to experience the more quirky side of Japanese dining and the flaming effect did not disappoint. You can see my mom’s reaction when the ramen caught fire right infront of her. The ramen broth was already very flavourful. The flaming oil brought out the additional ‘wok-hei’ taste. But of course, this is a place for the experience more than anything else.

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Menbakaichidai Fire Ramen Kyoto 

If you are keen to experience it yourself, here are the full details:

Address: 757-2, Minamiiseyacho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-Shi, Kyoto, 602-8153, Japan ( By Bus: Take Kyoto city bus #9, #50, #101 and get off at “Horikawa Marutamachi” or By Train: Take the subway Karasuma line, transfer to Tozai line at Karasuma-Oike Station, get off at Nijojo-mae Station.) | Opening Hours: 11.30am-11.00pm Daily | Tel: +81-75-812-5818 | Facebook: fireramen | Twitter: menbakaichidai 

Do note that the store is closed due to refurbishment from January 2019. Fire Ramen is going to re-open on 20 March 2019. 

Feel free to drop us questions if any and do share with us your experience in the comments section below too!

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