Beginners Guide To Hunts And Safaris In Africa

Are you looking to go on a safari? Whether you want to be up close and personal with a lion or just get a glimpse of wildlife in its pristine form, there is a lot you can see when you are going on a safari. Here are some tips for planning your safari escapade.

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Have The Perfect Safari

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t experienced in hunting. For a different flavored holiday, African hunting safaris are one of the finest options. You can hunt everything from Cape buffaloes, crocodiles, elephants, leopards, and lions and other animals.

Popular destinations for hunting and safari experiences include Namibia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Tanzania, Cameroon and many other parts of the continent.

Here are some of the different categories of hunts that you can take part in.

– Dangerous game

– Plains game

– Exotic plains game

– Last minute hunts

– Cancellation hunts

– Bow hunting

– Specialty animals

– Wing shooting

– Sold hunts

Of course, there would be an experienced personal helper guiding you all the way – from helping you know what’s dangerous to helping you carry out the hunt easily.

South Africa Leopard Hunting

To win a trophy tom leopard, you have to take part in South Africa Leopard Hunt. It takes place over 11,000 acre ranch in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa. The game has a $500 permit fee and you need to pay $150 per day for being an observer. The hunt is generally conducted from a blind over bait and the trophy fee is $6,500.

Crocodile And Hippo Hunt in South Africa

Limpopo is one of the perfect places to enjoy a discounted Crocodile and hippo hunt. It’s a great package for the hunter who wants a free-range hunt. You need to deposit $4,000 and $4,500 at the end of the hunt after collecting the trophies.

Wing Shooting Hunt in South Africa

Enjoy the morning and the evening hunting for the Spurwing and Egyptian Geese! A world class experience under an affordable rate, the Wing Shooting Hunt needs a deposit of $500. 90 minute drive from Johannesburg, the wide open spaces of the Magaliesburg Mountains is one of the best places to enjoy the Wing Shooting Hunt.

African Safari Prerequisites

June, July and August are the popular month for safaris, and you need to book early to avail discounts. Ensure that you have more than 6 blank pages in your passport before entering Africa. The outfitter will give you a “Letter of Invitation” and you need to make sure you that have a CBP Form 4457 to prove ownership of the firearms. Keep practicing the firearms. Medical evaluation and field rescue membership is mandatory. The trophy tags can be purchased from taxidermist before you leave for the world’s greatest adventures.

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