Jie Mei (姐妹) Roles & Checklist For Weddings In Singapore

After helping out as a Jie Mei (姐妹) in our recent cousin’s wedding, one of my cousin who participated as a Jie Mei created this lovely infographic that states the key roles and responsibilities to guide couples in their wedding planning. Jie Meis are family members or friends of the bride who have yet to type the knot. They are the special assistants of the bride who would help her with the planning and preparation as well as ensuring a smooth execution of the wedding ritual on the actual day. However, this group of ladies are more notoriously known for coming up with wacky ideas to make ‘torture’ the groom and his Xiong Dis (兄弟) when they come to receive the bride.


After you have selected your team of Jie Meis and conferred their respective designations, it’s time to run through the To-do Checklist below:

Jie Mei To-do Checklist For Weddings In Singapore - AspirantSG

We hope the infographic gave everyone who is new to the wedding scene in Singapore a quick peek from the bride and Jie Meis’ perspective. To all new couples, congratulations on tying the knot! May your wedding day be the beginning of a happy and wonderful life together.

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