The Academy Of Art University Believes Art Is Still Just As Relevant As STEM

Since we are in the middle of the information age, knowledge about computers, internet and online marketing may go much further than other types of careers. Art degrees are especially frowned upon in our business is driven world as it is seen more as a luxury. On the other hand, the Academy of Art University believes that being educated in art goes hand-in-hand with the latest technology trends.

The way technology is creeping into our business and personal lives make sit obviously there is a strong economy behind producing and maintaining the industry. This industry is not only fueled by a demand for comprehension in math or programming, but also artistic expression. In fact, some of the greatest computer scientists or engineers have been exceptionally created and have created technological systems that can also be seen as pieces of art. 

Math and programming are fields that use the logical part of the brain but barely touches upon the creative side. In reality, well-rounded professionals need to touch upon both parts of their brain in order to keep up with the rapidly changing economy.

Artists have helped society explore facets of life that would not have otherwise been explored and have helped come to new realizations. Modern society has been a rapidly expanding ecosystem that goes beyond borders and spreads new ideas. Technology has filled the gap in communication and convenience and greatly affects the artistic world as well.

Think about the way fashion, writing, filmmaking, and music have changed rapidly in recent years. Internet trends have dictated our tastes and there is much more variance in the artistic expression on a global scale. It also helps different cultures understand each other, exchange ideas and come to new conclusions in life. None of this would be possible without computers, cell phones, routers, switches, servers, databases and other advances in information technology.

Even top innovators in technology had studied outside of the STEM world. Steve Jobs studied calligraphy and other cultures that made him design the aesthetics of his laptops. Mark Zuckerberg utilized his degree in psychology to make key business decisions for Facebook. We should consider the marriage of liberal arts with technology to make ground-breaking business decisions in this industry.

On the flip side, art education must focus on technology education as well in order to complete this merger of ideas. Especially as top art institutions are being phased out in popularity by Internet-based media, the entire industry must change.

More About the Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University is based in San Francisco and is arguably one of the most relevant privately-owned art schools in the country. The school has an open admission model and will accept students from any background.

Being in the heart of San Francisco, one of the world’s main hubs of art and technology, students will be at the bleeding edge of the industry. Their school has a wide variety of subjects with degree programs from associates to masters.

In addition to the academic capabilities of the school, they are also revered for their automobile museum. It is a collection of vintage cars that is quite the attraction in San Francisco. In fact, it is considered to be the most valuable collection of cars and most of it is owned by the university.

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