A Daughter’s Holiday Confession To Her Mom At Okinawa, Japan

A lovely pair of mom and daughter from Korea came to Okinawa together. The daughter has a very close relationship with her mom and loves her deeply. Her mom had single-handedly brought her since she was a little and they got on so well that they were almost like sisters. There is nothing that she would not share with her mom.

However, there was a secret that the daughter is keeping her mom this trip. She would be getting married soon and her husband wants her to join him in the United States. She finds it really hard to break the news to her mom.

While making her own Shisa, the kind and warm instructor shared with her the significance of Shisa for the happiness of the family. That happiness includes her own happiness too. She decided to finally share her secret while watching the sun set in the horizon. That’s when her mom shared her own secret too.

Watch the video and all will be revealed.

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