7 Reasons Why You Should Download Burpple

If you are a avid foodie who loves to share your food adventures on Instagram (10 Tips to Grow Your Instagram Followers), Burpple may soon be your next plaything! Burpple is a new social Food App that allow you to effortlessly  share, remember, organize and explore food moments with your friends and followers on your iPhone. Burpple for iPhone is now available for free on the App Store.


You will love its easy to navigate interface that offers you a large cover photo and profile photo to personalise and establish your own ‘branding’! I decided to feature the alfresco restaurant at Ao Nang Princeville Resort, Krabi.


Here’s a list of 7 reasons why you should download Burpple: 

1. Jolt Your Memories 

When I first uploaded an old food photo using Burpple, I was surprised that Burpple actually recall the date and narrow down to close proximity of where this photo was taken. With this amazing app, you will never forget the details of a delicious meal ever again.

2. Dear Burpple, Today I Had …

Food is a integral part of our daily life and we try numerous cuisines within a week. Use Burpple to visually document your food experiences as it happens. It’s like creating a food diary. The diet conscious can also use Burpple to capture and calculate their daily calories intake.

3. Time To Get Organized

Unlike Instagram which arrange photos based on upload sequence, Burpple allows you to re-arrange your food moments into customizable themed categories such as Special Dinner Dates, Home-Cooked Creations or Wishlist.

This makes it really easy for fellow foodies to follow you and view your food inspirations based on specific themes.

4. Burping Is Now Officially Social 

If a follower like your photo, they can choose to leave a comment or ‘Reburp’ your post. A ‘Reburp’ simply means that they are saving the particular food moment onto their own customised themed category.

By being the originator, you get to enjoy credit that someone reburped your lovely photo. Followers can also share to Facebook and Twitter with a simple click.

5. Discover New Food Places

If you are sick of heading back to the same few old options, Burpple will be a great place to check out what’s in & what’s not in your local culinary arena.

6. Create Your Foodie Community 

Food is always better with friends. As you share photos, leave comments and reburp, you will gradually build a community of like-minded individuals whom you can receive trusted recommendations on where to go and what to eat, or simply share tips and recipes.

7. It’s Free!

Burpple for iPhone is now available for free on the App Store. Go download it and give it a try. Have fun!

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful writeup! We’re hope that everyone – foodies, non-foodies will find the Burpple app useful and enjoyable. We’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions at feedback@burpple.com and tell us how we can make it better! Cheers.


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