6 Easy Steps To Eat Your Hairy Crabs

Starting right before the Mid-Autumn Festival, PUTIEN ushers in a blissful Autumn with the quintessential delicacy of the season: Korla Pears, pomelo and soybeans, light and refreshing on the palate that complements the all-time favourite, the limited Taihu Hairy Crabs. They have also thoughtfully came up with an infographic to teach you 6 easy steps to go about eating your hairy crabs.

PUTIEN’s Hairy Crabs are air-flown in live from their source: the great Taihu Lake, which has for generations bred only the best quality hairy crabs one can find. Hairy crab aficionados are well aware of the two famous lakes that produce hairy crabs – the aforementioned Taihu Lake as well as Yangcheng Lake. For those who love the natural sweet and slightly nutty taste of hairy crabs, steamed Hairy Crabs will be available for foodies to indulge with your choice of condiments.

PUTIEN’s Autumn Menu is available now till 30 November 2014 at all outlets in Singapore. Please note that Taihu Hairy Crabs (limited stock) are only available from mid-October onwards.

Let’s get busy with the crabs!

6 Steps To Eating Hairy Crab - AspirantSG

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