5 Ways to Super Manage Your Twitter Followers

If you have been conscientiously executing the 8 steps from my previous post on growing your twitter followers from 0 to 2,000 in 4 weeks, you should have a sizeable follower base now. It is time to take your account a notch higher and start to actively manage your following and followers base.

1. Socialise & Grow Your Network

Don’t be contented with the tweeps you are currently following . They are great definitely but there may be more awesome tweeps who are dishing out far better contents out there.

Use Tweepi to do a little research on who are your favourite tweeps are following, who is following them and most importantly the tweeps that they keep in their Twitter List. There must be a compelling reason why these tweeps are close to their hearts – content, relationship, network etc.

Eg Do a search on @AspirantSG to check out my personal Twitter List – socialmediaguru. These are the tweeps that influence me on latest social media trends and discussions.


Once you click the yellow button, a list with information on the tweeps featured will be generated. Simply click on the profile to read up more about these tweeps.


Start following tweeps whose contents interest you, interact with them to build relationship and gradually advance your personal network.

2. Start listing tweeps

As the list of tweeps you follower and your followers grow, your timeline is going to get congested. You only have a limited amount of time to check out your tweets so to make sure that you are not missing out on information or conversations that are dear to you – you have to create your Twitter Lists.

Lists are simply Twitter users that you deliberately group together for your own personal reasons.

For example, I am interested to be updated on the latest tweets of fellow foodies in Singapore. Hence I created a Twitter List, called it ‘SGFoodies’ and added all my favourite foodies located in Singapore like @misstamchiak, @Danielfooddiary, @missuschewy etc on it.

I will now be able to read all their consolidated tweets under one convenient list.

With these lists, you will be able to focus on essential tweets and cut through the rest of unneccesary clutter.

3. Give New Follows a Chance

With Twitter Lists, it is easy to forget about your original twitter timeline.

As you add on new tweeps to follow, give them a chance to showcase their contents to you.

Check your timeline regularly and promote new follows by adding them to your Twitter List if they prove worthy.

4. Unreciprocated Love

Following a large number of tweeps does not look good on your twitter score card.

An interesting aspect of Twitter List is that you need not follow tweeps to keep track of their tweets.

So if you are currently following a celebrity blogger who you know will never follow you back. Unfollow & add them to your Twitter List instead.

5. Unfollow your unfollowers!

To keep your following lean, you should conduct weekly checks on your twitter account to weed out tweeps who have recently unfollowed you and turn the flavor.

I will recommend ManageFlitter. It allows you to bulk unfollow non-followers which really saves me alot of time!


Hope these 5 power pointers above will help you trim the fats and maintain a lean mean twitter account.

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