4 Reasons Why Rolleyes May Be The Next Game Changer

A recent invitation to a lovely baking session at Creative Culinaire got me taking a 2nd look at Rolleyes, Singapore’s latest online platform for restaurateurs, food bloggers, die hard foodies and casual diners!

Before you roll your eyes at this ‘yet another Singapore food review website’, I plea that you hear me out! This newbie has 4 brand new concepts in its arsenal that may potentially change the way Singaporeans look at food reviews again.


1. Photos? Please that’s so passé…

Almost all popular food related websites and blogs in Singapore uses mainly photos to showcase dishes, restaurant ambience as well as bits and pieces of the food preparation process.

Rolleyes takes the review experience a step further by offering virtual sight of the featured gourmet cuisine and the work that goes behind creating food masterpieces to its viewers. You can now firm up your dining plan by watching feature videos of restaurants, cafes, chill out places and specialities shops before even stepping out of your residence.

Of course, the usual photos and write-ups with address, opening hours and contact information will still be made available.


Here’s their latest video on ‘Hey Hey HotPot’ – The first Hong Kong style Dim Sum Steamboat restaurant in Singapore!

2. No more blind spots

With videos, photos, write-ups and basic information, the final top up for a 360 comprehensive review will be an unbiased verdict from trusted food bloggers.

Instead of you venturing out on the worldwide web separately to scout for blog reviews on shortlisted dining opinions, Rolleyes intends to close the loop by making their website a one stop shop for food lovers.

Food bloggers will be engaged for food tasting sessions to obtain their verdict on selected food establishments.

3. Learn from folks who really know their stuffs 

Many featured restaurants, cafes and specialities stores will also take the opportunity to showcase their star chefs who are otherwise usually behind the scene.

Viewers get to learn from some of the best people in trade through short informative video clips at Rolleyes Chef Tips.

These simple tips may go a long way in changing the way you cook in future!


Check out Chef Judy, my baking shifu in her Chef Tips clip on ‘The secrets to having a very soft cake’:

4. Get juicy trivia to impress

Besides serious stuffs like reviews and chef tips, you also get to browse their ‘Share’ segment for a collection of Good-to-know Trivia to brag about during your next table top talk with your BFFs. Will you know about the health benefits of Roselle Tea if not for this video?

So do check out Rolleyes and subscribe to receive freebies and updates for their promotions. Just to manage your expectation, they have just started out on 17 June so do give them a bit of time for more videos to be uploaded.

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