Up Your Marketability With A Communications Degree From University Of Western Australia

In the daily course of my work as a marketer, I came to realise the importance of having a strong marketing and communications education. They form the solid foundation for one to build their subsequent work experiences for future career advancement.

The media arena in Asia is undergoing rapid transformation with the introduction of new media and employers are increasingly on the lookout for an innovative and creative workforce. They will be seeking people who can research, develop, analyse and communicate ideas in today’s media-driven world.

If you are thinking of expanding your career options in the media, marketing, advertising or other communications-related fields, there isn’t a better  time to consider enhancing your personal marketability with a Bachelor Of Arts (Communications Studies) Programme at PSB Academy.

Welcome To thespace – where ideas connect

Unlike other education providers in Singapore, PSB Academy is not just about theory. They walk the talk with the establishment of thespace – where ideas connect. 

Thespace PSB Academy

thespace is a social community that connects individuals from the marketing communications industries. The creation of this community allows marketing and communications enthusiasts to interact with other like-minded professionals such as marketers, public relations practitioners, advertising executives, journalists and more!

The forward thinking institution hopes to make this interactive platform the gateway to infinite possibilities for learning, self-growth and career progression. Everyone is invited, register and be part of thespace – where ideas connect!

Damien Cummings Graced thespace’s Inaugural Learning & Networking Session

Mr Damien Cummings is a renowned figure in the marketing and media arena. He hails the title of Regional Marketing Director, Digital & Social Media for Samsung Asia – Most Popular Brand in the recent Social Star Awards 2013.


His presence at thespace’s Inaugural Learning & Networking session on 2 August 2013 was warmly received by the new social community. At the event, he unreservedly shared with existing marketers and aspiring communications professionals on Samsung Asia’s Digital Marketing Strategy in the near future and how he and his team will be transforming marketing and digital go-to-market through L.A.S.E.R which stands for

Leadership In Digital

Always On Marketing

Social Business


ROI: Successful Results

He shared a surprising fact that 57% of consumers are not keen to engage with brands and people typically only stay connected to a maximum of 6 brands. Contrary to what most digital and social media marketers think, jumping onto the Facebook & Twitter bandwagon now (if a brand has yet to do so) may already be too late. The era of social platforms may soon be replaced by the coming of brand advocates and social influencers.

Samsung acknowledges that the words and actions of brand advocates and social influencers carry weight in the purchase decision making process. Hence the consumer electronics giant is gearing towards enhancing interaction and engagement with their loyal brand advocates and attracting social influencers in the different niches to experience Samsung products and share their perspectives with their respective audiences.

thespace participants had the opportunity to interact with each other and find out more about Asia’s media trends as well as post graduation career options from the industry veteran.

Enhance Your Marketability With Bachelor Of Arts (Communication Studies)

The media and communications industry offers an exciting and fulfilling career. The media scene is constantly changing and it is crucial that its practitioners develop the ability to reason and share ideas effectively. If you already possess a diploma in marketing, communications or related discipline, you should consider honing your creative thinking and communications skills by embarking on the Bachelor of Arts (Communication Studies) programme at PSB Academy. This part-time programme is awarded by The University of Western Australia and can be completed in 2 years. This rigorous and challenging programme has the potential to mould you into an asset to just about any business or organisation.

The University Of Western Australia - AspirantSG

The University of Western Australia (UWA) belongs to the prestigious Group of Eight, a collaboration of the top research universities in Australia. With regards to the graduates recognition, UWA scored 5-Star ratings for graduate starting salaries, employment prospects, staff qualifications, research intensity and student demand (The Good Universities Guide, 2013). The university also ranks within the World Top 100 University. (Shanghai Jiao Tong University Academic Ranking of World Universities, 2012).

University Of Western Australia Campus
Image from idpblog

The Bachelor of Arts (Communication Studies) programme combines a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of communication together with strong discipline-based training in the arts, humanities and social sciences. Core units in the degree combine theoretical knowledge with the development of practical communication skills, including the use of the latest digital multimedia technology. This advanced standing course is unique in design as its curriculum allows current practitioners as well as professionals from diverse disciplines to undertake formal undergraduate studies in the area of communication.

Minimum Entry Requirements

The minimum entry requirements for The University of Western Australia’s Bachelor of Arts (Communication Studies) degree are:

– Local Polytechnic Diploma, with average B/C grades or with graduation GPA of 2.3 or better, OR,

– An Advanced/Higher Diploma in a related discipline may also be considered for entry on a case-by-case basis

If you are keen to find out more about the programme, click here to register for the preview talk on 12 August 2013.

Alternatively, you can also click here to read more information on the programme.

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