Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights #HHN6 Survival Guide

Universal Studios Singapore at Resorts World Sentosa has once again been transformed into a terrible place of horror and nightmares ruled by malevolent Lady Death (死亡女神) who awakens the dead and unravels the darkness within. Promised to be USS’s scariest Halloween Horror Nights ever, #HHN6 will offer 5 Haunted Houses, 2 Scare Zones and its first-ever theatrical procession inspired by the Day of the Dead! Unless you brought their Frequent Fear Pass ($148), it is close to impossible to check out all their Haunted Houses even with Express Add-Ons ($40 – $50). Hopefully, with our #HHN6 survival guide, you will be able to strategise your visit and make the best out of your single visit.

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1. Be The Early Worm

Duh… we already said that you probably will not have sufficient time to explore all the Haunted Houses so please do yourself the favour and reach the gates by 7.15pm before it opens at 7.30pm to be the first dozens to get into the cursed grounds.

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2. Stay Focused On The Haunted Houses

Many will be lured into taking wefies or selfies with the roving evil minions. Stay focus my friends and make a beeline for the Haunted Houses. No time already!!!

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3. Either Old Changi Hospital Or Hu Li’s Inn First

We recommend that you choose either Old Changi Hospital and Hu Li’s Inn (because they are our personal favourites) for your first Haunted Houses and run there as fast as you can to get ahead in the queue! To help you make your decision, here’s a quick introduction:

Old Changi Hospital

Patients who don’t know they are dead. Soldiers who still scour the wards for enemies. Empty morgues that are not really empty. All these and more await at the iconic Old Changi Hospital…

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Hu Li’s Inn

Step inside Hu Li’s Inn, set in the swinging 1930s of Old Shanghai. Your fate is in the hands – or should we say, claws? – of these beautiful nocturnal beasts.

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4. Leave Bodies Of Works To The Last

As you can guess, Bodies Of Works, an exhibition by Artist Damien on his trip down memory lane of blood, sweat and tears it took to create his final and most complete bodies of work wasn’t exactly our favourite. If you need to sacrifice one of the haunted houses. Make this the one.

Bodies Of Works USS HHN6 - AspirantSG

The Salem Witch House did not exactly scare the hell out of us but we were charmed by its artistic touches in certain parts of the haunted house journey.

The Salem Witch House

Maison Deux-Six, the witch house of the Defeo Witches in Salem, has stood untouched and abandoned since 1692. But a group of modern-day witchcraft enthusiasts have awakened something within…

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Hawker Centre Massacre 

This is the haunted house that plays on familiarity where a wholesome meal at the hawker centre turns into a banquet of horror… as food poisoning victims turn into savage, flesh-eating creatures as radioactive fish contaminate their bodies and minds. Some of the fellow bloggers shared that they can never see their usual hawker centres in the same light again!


5. What About The Scare Zones?

Relax, the Scare Zones are always there. Don’t have to queue and you can walk through them anytime you want.

Suicide Forest

Some say an evil spirit lurks in the Suicide Forest, calling desolate souls to their death… but no one knows for sure. That’s because no one has returned to tell the tale.

The Suicide Forest USS HHN6 - AspirantSG

You may need some luck to catch the March Of The Dead so as much as possible stay within the Death March Route starting from The Mummy Ride to Hollywood.


March Of The Dead

Revel in the hypnotic sounds of the drums, the beauty of the intricate coffins and the haunting spectacle of it all… while you still can. You may be the one we honour next.

6. Attractions To Die For

If you are too tired to queue for another Haunted House, why not go for one of their usual rides? The following attractions will be made available: Enchanted Airways, Scared Shrekless, Puss In Boots, Giant Journey, Canopy Flyer, Revenge Of The Mummy, Battlestar Galactica (Human & Cylon), Accelerator, Transformer The Ride.

Puss and Kitty welcomes you to join them on this anti-gravity swashbuckling flight - AspirantSG

7. Just Chill Man…

If your feet are killing you or continuous frights are getting a little too much for your heart, make a dash to either Hollywood or Sci-Fi City where food, drinks, and music will calm you down before returning to the fun.

We hope you find our Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights #HHN6 Survival Guide useful. Please feel free to share other tips for fellow readers if you know of any. Have fun!

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