Travel Back In Time to 1933 @ Capitol Piazza

Ever curious about the construction going on outside City Hall MRT for the past few years? Great news! The Capitol Theatre has re-opened after a long haul renovation and part of the new addition includes a beautiful café termed “1933”, opened by Breadtalk which emphasizes a peranakan theme and dishes hailing from the past.


1933’s menu features a unique blend of South-east Asian cuisine, which spins off the back story of migrants from Nanyang who came over to Singapore in search of a better life. There is a balance of Asian and Western dishes, giving birth to an infusion of food and patrons can experience a trip back in time, making it different from most modern restaurants you’d get to see in town nowadays.


I particularly liked the 2nd floor setting where palm trees and vintage lighting makes the entire café floor look very classy and romantic – perfect for a date setting. Moreover, the Capitol Theatre featuring Singapura! The Musical, is just located right opposite the café. This gives  a good follow-up to your dinner plans!


The signature specialty of 1933 is the bread-bowl which serves as the base for the Nanyang Curry Chicken and Power Carrot. The bread really complements well with the curry dip and we all know it is a classic favourite for Singaporeans to dip bread into sauces! The curry is made in a Southeast-Asian style, and they have used tender kampong chicken as the key ingredient to this sumptuous dish.


Chicken rice, the hallmark of Singaporean cuisines, can also be found in 1933. Preserving the traditional Hainanese methods, kampong chickens are selected for its extra tender and less oily meat, cooked at sub-boiling temperatures and bathe in cold water to retain the flavor of the meat and obtain a firm skin texture. Do give this dish a try when you are here because it has a different feel from the ordinary chicken rice which you purchase at hawker centres around Singapore!


If you felt like trying something different from Asian cuisines, 1933 introduces a special Western-style dish, the grilled Pork Loin. It is  Composed of succulent pork loin dripped in thyme, bay leaves, honey and brine served on a rack and accompanied by sautéed potato in olive oil. The chefs have definitely done a good job by grilling the pork under the right conditions to achieve the right taste and bite for the meat – just right to chew and it almost melts in your mouth. You can have a choice of Hainanese, black pepper or mushroom sauce with it!


Café hoppers will be pleased to know that 1933 serves Torrefacto or Nanyang-based coffee beans presented in a trendy espresso style, topped with a 1933 logo instead of your usual latte art. This has a unique taste to it and is different from most coffees you get outside which are primarily based on Arabica and mixed international blends. There is a rich, strong aroma and a hint of chocolate in the latte. Servings come in both hot and cold options!


The first level of the café features a quaint glass cabinet counter set within a well-aged wooden frame counter that greets all customers. The bright dashes of colours from 1993’s special range of tarts displayed there nicely juxtapose against a blue, Peranakan-motif tiled bar counter were drinks and 1933 specialty coffee are prepared.

Being extremely accessible from City Hall MRT Exit D, it is highly recommended that our readers give this café a try. The best take from this is the colonial architecture and it is a great place for many Insta-worthy shots, as well as a complete dining experience. Moreover, being strategically situated in the centre of town, you can explore many other options around too!

1933 Singapore

Address: 15 Stamford Road #01-83 Singapore 178906 | Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm Daily | Tel: +65 6348 3660 | Facebook: 1933 Singapore

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