Top Things to Do in Ayia Napa

Forget Ibiza and Gran Canaria: go for Ayia Napa holidays to experience a fun and exciting nightlife with your friends! Long renowned as a party town, Ayia Napa offers a clubbing experience to rival any of Europe’s best dancing destinations. But not even the most dedicated of ravers can dance all of the time, so if you’re going to Ayia Napa, make sure you make the most of what’s on offer. Here’s how to spend a perfect day there.

1. Wake Up & Take A Boat Trip 

Southern Cyprus is known for its beautiful waters and tranquil seas, rippling invitingly in blues and green jade, and one of the best ways to enjoy these is by taking a boat trip. There is a range of options available, so you can opt for a relaxing cruise, a leisurely pedalo, or an adrenalin pumping jet ski, to suit your needs.

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2. Explore The Sea Caves 

If you’re in the sea already, why not take a detour and spend some time in the stunning natural sea caves? There are several dotted around and these can be found within the area that stretches from the Cape Greco National Park (which is itself worth a look) to the Eastern tip of Ayia Napa. For many, walking or swimming in to the rock, surrounded by clear blue water, is a wonderful experience.

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3. Take In The Local Culture 

Cypriot cuisine reflects the island’s specific Greek and Turkish influences as well as the more general flavour of the eastern Mediterranean. Once you’ve finished in the sea caves, go for a meze – a tasty selection of small dishes including both meat, vegetables, salads and grain. Dolma is my particular favourite – vine leaves stuffed with things like onions and rice.

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4. Visit Ayia Napa Monastery

Once you’ve eaten, let the food digest while visiting the Ayia Napa Monastery, in the centre of town. This medieval holy place looks like something out of the Second Crusade – it would fit right in on the set of Kingdom of Heaven!

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5. Hit The Clubs 

Having spent some time in quiet contemplation, it’s now time to start gearing up for the evening’s partying by watching some traditional folk dancing – once you’ve seen a demonstration of masculine virility, you will be ready to hit the clubs!

Ayia Napa has a wide selection of pubs and clubs, with music and party experiences for all tastes.

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