The Little Larder – Eclectic Brisbane Cafe With A Cheeky Attitude

Having arranged my stay in Brisbane at Bowen Terrace Accommodations at New Farm area, I make it a point to have breakfast at this popular cafe named The Little Larder located just right round the corner. 20120927-144010.jpg

The cafe proclaimed themselves a “cult Brisbane food venue” that’s inhabited by the relaxed, stylish local residents from the young cool to the well-heeled Gen X groups.


Despite being a weekday morning, patrons were already sprawling out onto the side walk.


The cafe ingeniously created addition seats facing the main road to cater for quick bites. For a tourist like me, it might have been quite an experience sipping fresh coffee and watching the world drive by.20120927-144035.jpg

The service counter was buzzing with new orders and payments.


A definite highlight of the cafe are its eclectic local staffs with cheeky attitude.


A lady staff was quick to spot a single seater along the walkway for me and got me comfortably settled in. I deliberated over the seemingly simple menu for a while before deciding on traditional pancakes.20120927-144040.jpg

I loved my cappuccino which was served with generous sprinkles of cocoa power.20120927-144047.jpg

My order of Pancakes with Grilled Banana & Real Maple Syrup (AUD$12) was a real beauty. I fancy how maple syrup was neatly placed in an adorable bottle on the side.


The entrée looked even better when laced all over with maple syrup.20120927-144059.jpg

A quick slice into this piece of art revealed the soft and fluffy texture of the pancakes. The sweet combination of pancakes, grilled bananas and maple syrup was heavenly. You can also make pancakes at home with good quality pancakes griddles.  20120927-144129.jpg

Thankfully, the portion was just right and my cappuccino was just an arm length away to douse sweetness overkill before it gets over the top.

The Little Larder is a must visit if you are ever heading over to New Farm, Brisbane. They serve wonderful breakfast & coffee and are particular popular with the local. This will be a great spot to soak up and experience the local brissy lifestyle.

Here are the full details of the cafe:

The Little Larder

Address: 76 Moray St New Farm 4005 QLD | Opening Hours: 6am to 4pm Daily | Tel: 07 3358 2024 | Email: [email protected] | Facebook: The Little Larder Fan Page

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