Smart Travel Tips For Best Flight Seats During Vacation

Air travel has seen many advances in the last five years, including the launch of the Dreamliner and A380, yet comfort is often overlooked. Travel search engine,, reveals how travellers can find the best seat to suit their needs. Working with Dan Air, cabin crew member and author of “Confessions of a Trolley Dolly”, KAYAK has created an infographic weighing up the pros and cons of particular plane seats, with tips on how to make the best seat selections.

For instance, in the Airbus fleet favoured by Singapore Airlines for short haul journeys, A1 is secretly known as the best seat. Here you’ll get extra legroom, a high chance of being served first and an unobstructed view. Customers in this seat should also wrap up warm as it’s typically one of the colder seats in the plane.

In the Boeing 777 aircraft commonly used by Singapore Airlines, Emirates and Qatar Airways, seats in rows 44 and 45 are the least desirable. Complaints include less legroom, limited reclining space and close proximity to both the toilets and crew galley.

Without much ado, check out the infographic below which shows the different characteristics of seats in these popular aircraft models, and provides tips for selecting a seat that corresponds to individual traveller needs.

Choose the seats for your next flight wisely.

Smart Plane Seats Guide Infographic - ArdorAsia

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