Seoul Sporty Sunday!

Clubbing ended late last night at around 5am in the morning. The clubbing scene in Seoul is starting later and later and I was really surprised to be the first customers to a popular club at 2.30am in the morning!

We relunctantly woke up at around 12pm and make a quick dash for breakfast before making our way over to Shin Chon to join a local swimming group for their weekend swimming get together.

Breakfast was over at Waffle House, a cute little cafe near Raymond’s place. I was a little greedy and ordered one of the wholesome breakfast set. The portion was HUGE … I swear I can see my tummy… Arrgghh… I am so going to look fat and bloated at the pool!

A 20 min bus ride brought us to the Sports Centre and the entry fee was 5000 won. It’s an indoor pool, no fear of rain or shine and we get to enjoy great music while we swim! Singapore should seriously consider have that!

The group decided to go for dinner at Insadong. The restaurant they brought us to had the best Kimchi I have tasted so far! The color was rich and it had a smooth and rich taste.

The group split into 2 after the swim. One group decided to go for bowling but I decides to stick with another group for coffee at Moon Star Cafe. It used to be Starbucks 2 years ago when I last visited it during company imcentive trip but has since changed name.

The topic was much about iPhone, difference between Singapore and Korean culture etc. But it’s a nice and relaxing way to spend the afternoon.

We proceed on to shop at Insadong.

A particular building that brought about my attention was Ssamzigil.

This shopping complex houses unique designers’ art pieces and intricate designs was created in a spiral manner hence allowing shoppers to simply follow the pathway up as they explore the shops without having to climb a single flight of stairs. The journey ends with a cafe on a roof top and a flight of stairs that brings you to the ground floor.

Here are some of the more unique stuff found there:

Tarot card reading boutique

Beautiful porcelain music box

On our way out, we chanced upon this LCD screen which innocently looked like just a typical out-door advertisement screen.

This LCD installation has a camera on it’s top right hand corner which allow shoppers to snap pictures of themselves, input their messages and directly sent to their email inbox! How cool is that!

It also serves as an advertising channel because the background which the photo and message sits on has visuals and communications on the stores within the mall.

Raymond’s friend Terry called up for a drink at Itaewon and he sounds like he was having a pretty bad day.

We met up for a drink at a restaurant cum pub place called ‘Between’. Drinks in Seoul are pretty affordable at only around S$8 per drink.

The drinks was not sufficient for Terry to call it a night. He strongly recommended this famous local restaurant in Itaewon which serves traditional Korean ‘100’ dish feast.

I am not exactly a supper person in Singapore but the promise of 100 Korean mini dishes does sounds too good to be missed.

According to Raymond, this is a popular supper restaurant with the locals as it opens 24 hrs. (Should be correct unless I remembered wrongly)

The restaurant looks rather shabby with old, yellowish newspapers as wallpapers and aged traditional Korean furnishing. However, that in a way gives it character and a sense of history.

I tend to have a weak bladder after drinking beer and have to excuse myself for the loo.

The loo was located 1 floor above the dining area.

The floor above doubled up as the storage area as well. Although it was just 1 floor up, the silence was spooky. Damn.. I hate such moments… Just quickly settle my ‘business’ and run downstairs! I did not even dare to look myself in the bathroom mirror….

They have ordered the standard 100 dish feast while I was gone and we camwhored while waiting for the food.

The dishes finally arrived after a long wait! It looks pretty impressive! Raymond explained that the 100 dishes feast used to be reserved only for the rich or royalty. Boy, I feel like one already. 🙂

Variety was definitely there but the food quality was not really that fantasic. I have definitely tasted better kimchi. It might have to do with the fact that this was a 24hrs restaurant and the food have been long prepared. That happens most of the time in Singapore as well.

Still, we managed to cleared the dishes while chit chatting.

Terry footed the bill for supper but he was not ready to end the night as yet.

Raymond was supporting him from the restaurant to our next drink spot. Hmmm… I dun remember Terry drinking that much… Anyway I was tagging behind taking in the night scene of the Itaewon neighbourhood.

We got into another local bar and Terry promised that it will be just 1 drink only. He looks alot more cheery now. 🙂

As promised, after 1 drink and a sing-a-long session. We ended the night and headed home.

It’s has been a really long day and I desperately need to catch up with sleep to recover from my overnight flight.

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