How To Kill Boredom During Travelling

I’m sure you have heard of the cliché that goes, “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey,” or something to that effect. In the course of my travels I have learnt that though overused, this phrase encapsulates pretty much the essence of going away

Close your eyes for a moment. You’re on a long drive, with the windows open, wind in your hair, your favourite soundtrack blasting on the radio. Breathe deep. Yes, this is the life. It doesn’t get any better than this. This may be what the film Kung Fu Panda teaches every time “inner peace” is mentioned.

Your travel time need not be confined to merely looking out of a window, especially if the scenery is not to your taste. You can bring a good book along, one that is not so heavy and deals with light or amusing material—you wouldn’t want to be burdened with profound philosophical ideals while on vacation since this will stress you out in no time.

Opt to bring your iPad instead of your laptop so you will not be tempted to get some work done, otherwise, your holiday will be pointless. Besides, your iPad is handy in letting you check out new gossip on the showbiz news site EOnline, or getting the latest e-books from your Kindle application, or enjoying online games where you can play for free. You would want to check out some of the best mouse bungees for most gamers today.


Now that’s relaxation, with the added perks of a challenge and possibilities of prizes. Interact with fellow gamers in the featured online communities, and watch time fly. Of course, you can always choose non-activity: catch up on your sleep. You might also want to reconnect with yourself by reflecting a little: meditation is good with Baroque music as a background.

Always remember that having a vacation does not start the moment you get to the tourist spot; it begins when you get in your car or on the plane to go there.


So the next time you travel, try these tips and let yourself have a blast.

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