Farewell To Lim Seng Lee Boneless Braised Duck Rice

When my colleagues suggested heading over to a Duck Rice Place along South Buona Vista Road, I was still oblivious to the fact that we were patronising the famous Lim Seng Lee Duck Rice Eating House! It made history by being one of the first in Singapore to serve boneless duck in 1968 and is particularly well-known for its Teochew-style Braised Duck.


This is a popular lunch joint for the working crowd in the western region of Singapore. And is even more so now after the recent media hype of  it closing down for good after 20th June 2013! If you are driving over, alight your passengers first to get a table while you try to get your vehicle parked. Be prepared to wait for around 10 – 15 minutes just to get a table.


We ordered half a duck portion ($20) for 4 of us. The legendary boneless braised duck was served minutes later coated with a layer of soy sauce based gravy flavoured with cinnamon and other herbs and spices.  The  thinly sliced duck meat was amazingly tender and goes really well with the accompanying sweet vinegar chilli. Convenience and ease of accessing the duck meat was also a major plus point.


We also ordered braised eggs on the side. They were a little too dry and hard for my liking.


I am not exactly sure if this was Sambal Kang Kong ($6) or just Kang Kong. I could hardly taste any sambal in them. You can definitely give this a miss.


I never understand how Tofu ($6) go hand in hand with braised duck. The tofu looked and tasted bland. Please save the $6 for a nice dessert after the meal.


It is sad to know that Founder Lim Ah Too, 67, and his wife will be ceasing their operations due to poor health and their children are not willing to take over the business. While the side dishes are not amazing, I still recommend readers to pop by before 20th June 2013 for their boneless Teochew-style Braised Duck before it fades into history.

Here’s the full information if you are planning a visit:

Lim Seng Lee Duck Rice Eating House 林成利鸭饭餐食

Add: 38 South Buona Vista Road Singapore 118164

Tel: 6475 9908

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  1. Rob Dimas Zabel

    I love oriental food but so far my experience with duck and goose has been kind of greasy. Love Chicken,shrimp and anything beef! My favorite is egg foo young! With shrimp!


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