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Having entrusted the lifting of age and imperfections of my skin to EPW Laser + Medical Aesthetics Clinic through my recent Fractional CO2 Laser, I feel positively empowered to change the way I look and live my life. The successful procedure got me feeling adventurous in a fun way. I realised that I no longer need to be confined by what I am born with. With safe, modern and reversible procedures such as fillers, I decided to go for a a miraculous makeover just to see how I will look with a higher nose bridge and a stronger, more masculine jawline. For once in my life, I feel I am the true master of my own appearance.

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Here’s a quick introduction to EPW Laser + Medical Aesthetics Clinic if you have not read my previous article on CO2 Laser Treatment. The clinic was founded by Medical Director, Dr EP Wong and have since clocked over 20 years in medical aesthetics practice. Having done a prior procedure with the clinic, I am assured by the clinic’s good track record and the results enjoyed by their patients. They ensure that their plethora of safe and effective medical aesthetic procedures are only performed by experienced, highly skilled and qualified doctors. When it comes to procedures on my face, it’s not just about the equipment; it’s the discerning eye, experience and skill of the specialist that matters.

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Similar to my previous experience, all procedures begins with a through consultation and assessment by my doctor, Dr Melvin Tan. He patiently listened to my desired facial features and went the extra mile to learn more about my lifestyle before recommending the appropriate procedure, series of procedures, or program for me. He pointed out that with a well-defined nose bridge and an ample chin, my facial features will appear more well-balanced with better proportions.

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For individuals like myself who have a less prominent nose bridge and recessed chin or inadequate chin projection, this can be corrected safely and effectively with a non-surgical nose and chin augmentation at EPW Laser + Medical Aesthetics Clinic. It is the ideal for folks who desire to look better aesthetically without the downtime or risks normally associated with conventional surgery. The treatment that he is recommending involves volumizing of the nose and chin through the use of injectable fillers for a more prominent profile and overall look. Results are seen instantly without downtime in most cases.

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I was able to go for the procedure on the very same day as the consultation. Dr Melvin Tan performed the procedure in a clean, hygienic, and comfortable operating theatre. in a clean, hygienic, and comfortable operating theatre. The Patient Care Counsellor got my face ready for the procedure by doing a cleansing ritual before applying a special numbing cream.

Once I am ready, Dr Tan came in with a few syringes containing JUVÉDERM® Voluma (with Lidocaine) hyaluronic acid based derma filler. He explained again that the filler is safe because the soft injectable gel is tissue-friendly and closely resembles the hyaluronic acid that exists naturally in the body. The final effect is non-permanent and can last for around 18 months. The fillers are biodegradable, which means they would be naturally disappear in the body. Coming from Dr Melvin Tan who is an appointed trainer for Allergan for Botox and Fillers, the information provided was very assuring.

Although the needle did looked a little daunting, the entire process of injecting the fillers into the nose and chin area was surprisingly tolerable. Dr Tan moulded the filler with precision using his discerning eye and skill, as it comes with experience. I required one syringes of JUVÉDERM® Voluma fillers for my nose ridge while my chin required two syringes to achieve the result I desired.

Here’s the final look! I love my prominent nose bridge and stronger, more masculine jawline. What I really liked about the procedure is that it gives a natural looking result that does not affect facial expression. The entire process was safe, effective and took less than one and a half hours. Busy folks can even do it during lunch time!

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The initial nose bridge was really prominent. Dr Tan managed my expectations that the effect does gentle out slight to give a more natural nose bridge. I was to steer away from alcohol, avoid hard knocks to my nose as well as chin and have a follow up consultation with him in a week’s time. I am really pleased with the standard of care and concern exhibited by Dr Melvin Tan and the counsellors. I am going to enjoy my new makeover look for the next 18 months!

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Other than fillers, the clinic also provide the following services:

– Removal of freckles and pigmentation

– Reduction of enlarged pores

– Treatment of dark circles and eyebags

– Non-Surgical Facelift

– Laser Skin Rejuvenation

– Reduction of Wrinkles & Fine Lines

– Facial Enhancement (3D Liquid Facelift using Botox and Fillers)

– Hand Rejuvenation

– Square Jaw Reduction

– Mole Removal

– Permanent Hair Reduction

– Tattoo Removal

– Body Perfecta (Fat and Cellulite Reduction; Body Contouring)

If you are interested to arrange for a consultation session, please see the contact information below.

EPW Laser + Medical Aesthetics Clinic

Address: 302 Orchard Road, #17-01 Tong Building (beside Paragon). Singapore 238862.

Opening Hours: 9am – 7pm (Mon – Sat)

Tel: +65 6235 5533.

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.epwlaser.com.sg

Each consultation with Dr Melvin Tan will be $50.

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