Do You Have What It Takes To Be TheSmartLocal?

When you ask local friends everyday questions like which contractor to hire for renovation, where to get cheap and reliable air-con servicing, where to go for the best bargains in town or which day care centre to send your children to, you are likely to get a few opinions.

AspirantSG - Orchard Road

Next, to validate their recommendations, you spend hours trawling forums just to double confirm (that by the way is super Singlish, confirm already means checking again). Most of the time, you will just get more confused with a diverse array of responses. Is that the way of a Smart Local?


Having noticed this frustrating information void in our little red dot community, TheSmartLocal was created in August 2012 by a group of passionate Singaporeans who wanted to share their localised knowledge of this little tropical island and her neighbouring country with the rest of the world.

The Smart Local

Believing strongly that it’s the locals themselves who know their country best, TheSmartLocal invite Singaporeans to come sign up as contributors and share their opinions in this structured and reliable crowd-sourcing website. A community of locals sharing what they love about their homes with the world soon developed and the rest was history.

Top Contributors

A wide variety of best kept local secrets of Singapore and Malaysia can be found on this amazing website. Just spare a few minutes browsing and you will find useful recommendations ranging from best local bites to the top accommodations in town. Plus you can double confirm these opinions by a quick glance through the reviews.

Top Food Places In Singapore

TheSmartLocal is a wonderful one-stop shop for anything and everything in Singapore. Tourists and locals alike can use the community recommendations to make well informed decisions for the best experiences in Singapore. Go check them out today and have fun exploring!

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  1. I am so confused where to look .. messy .. totally give up

  2. Thanks for sharing the website! Highly informative but its so hard to navigate….

  3. billiegod

    Looks like a nice site. Maybe one day when I’m in Singapore, I’ll come and say hi!


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