Celebrate Mid-Autumn With PrimaDéli Medley of Mooncake Flavours

With decades of baking chops under its belt, Singapore’s beloved cake specialist PrimaDéli has perfected everyone’s favourite desserts with that distinct lightness that suits our fussy Asian palate. This year’s mid-autumn festival, PrimaDéli will surprise us with both the traditional baked and delicate snowskin mooncakes, all of which are proudly crafted in Singapore. Let your taste buds be whisked away on a medley of flavours with PrimaDéli’s signature Snowskin Mooncakes, available in nine unique varieties.

PrimaDeli Mid-Autumn Group Mooncakes - AspirantSG

Renowned and loved for its tender exterior and icy cool texture, the PrimaDéli’s Snowskin delights come in delicious bite-sized pieces, perfect as an after-meal dessert with family and friends. These nine flavours are luxuriously packaged in a Royal Gift Set, making it perfect for the gifting season as well.

This year, PrimaDéli is ready to tantalise taste buds with the delectable new snowskin flavours of Mini Sakura Matcha and Mini Salted Caramel Toffee. Encased within the refreshingly “icy” skin of the Mini Sakura Matcha is a delicious outer filling infused with sakura flavour that beckons the coming of Spring. The next layer holds a matcha mochi, a green tea powder-infused confection that has a soft yet delightfully chewy texture. The combination of aromatic sakura with the subtly sweet matcha interior makes for a Japanese-inspired explosion of flavours — all in one bite!

PrimaDeli Mini Sakura Match & Salted Caramel Toffee Mooncake - AspirantSG

The Mini Salted Caramel Toffee also boasts a creamy inner filling of salted caramel crisp pearls, and almond flakes. A modern take on the delicacy, this artisanal combination of buttery caramel encapsulated within crunchy morsels is set to be a hit with foodies from all generations.

PrimaDeli Mini Sakura Match & Salted Caramel Toffee Mooncakes With Box - AspirantSG

For folks who prefer the traditional baked mooncakes, PrimaDéli thoughtfully presents its traditionally baked mooncakes in six different combinations. Relish the good old days with these heartwarming favourites filled with silky- smooth lotus paste. The prices and information of this year’s offering are as follow:

PrimaDéli Mooncakes Collection 2016

Traditional Mooncakes

  • Pure Lotus
  • Pure Lotus with 1 Yolk
  • Pure Lotus with 2 Yolks
  • White Lotus
  • White Lotus with 1 Yolk
  • White Lotus with 2 Yolks

Baked mooncakes come in S$13.00 – S$13.90 per piece, or S$50.80 – S$54.80 per box per flavour. Pure Lotus, White Lotus and White Lotus with Yolk are also available in mini sizes for S$5.70 – S$5.90 per piece, and S$49.80 – S$51.80 per box per flavour.

Snowskin Mooncakes

  • Mini D24 Durian – Specially made from premium grade D24 durian for a rich aroma and creamy taste
  • Mini Thai Milk Tea with Black Pearl – Step into the land of smiles where the fragrance of Thai leaves reveals a chewy mochi centre
  • Mini Cookies & Cream – East meets west in this smooth, creamy sensation peppered with bits of cookie crumble
  • Mini Soursop with Guava – Relish fruity goodness in every bite
  • Mini Mango Lemongrass – Treat yourself to a refreshing fruity delicacy
  • Mini Cranberry Cheese – Dried cranberry bits are placed into this creamy and sweet delight
  • Mini Chocolate Mint – A smooth milky delight with chocolate pearls
  • Mini Sakura Matcha – The tart sweetness of sakura flavour surrounds a chewy matcha mochi interior
  • Mini Salted Caramel – Buttery caramel blends with sweet toffee for a luxurious treat

Priced at $49.80 for a box of nine, the Royal Gift Set, containing a variety of mini snowskin mooncakes, is a pleasant surprise for both friends and families this Mid -Autumn Festival.

Snowskin mooncakes are also available in regular sizes at S$12.20 – S$14.40 per piece, and S$47.80 – S$56.80 per box per flavour. Only flavours of Pandan Lotus, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Mint, Thai Milk Tea with Black Pearl and D24 Durian come in regular sizes.

PrimaDeli Royal Gift Set - AspirantSG

Festive Promotions

Enjoy a special promotion of 20% off from the 26th August to 15th September with a minimum purchase of one box of four pieces (regular size) or nine pieces (mini size).

CitiBank cardholders enjoy 13% off the usual price and a 10% Citi rebate with a minimum spend of S$22.

Visit www.primadeli.com to locate their outlets and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.com to check out their latest speciality cake creations too!

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