Xin Cuisine Mooncakes 2018 – New Low Sugar Snowskin Mooncakes Unveiled

Between traditional baked mooncakes and snowskin mooncakes, we always preferred the soft, supple skin of the snowskin and the refreshing chilled sweet fillings. Unfortunately, the sweet tenderness of the snowskin mooncakes also implied that they are loaded with sugar. For the more health-conscious, Xin Cuisine Mooncakes 2018 unveils two new low-sugar snowskin mooncakes this Mid-autumn Festival. You can safely indulge in either the refreshing Low Sugar White Lotus Paste with Orange Praline Mooncake or the Low Sugar White Lotus Paste with Hazelnut Crunch Mooncake. Follow us as we bring you through their signature highlights you must try!

Xin Cuisine Mooncakes 2018 – Signature Highlights 

Durian lovers will also be pleased to know that the popular Xin’s Peranakan Durian Snowskin Mooncake will be back once again. The luxurious durian filling will be encased in a purplish blue soft skin case, naturally coloured using the Blue Pea flower. Choose between 4 large pieces or 6 mini pieces per box. 

Other flavours not to be missed include Xin’s Signature Mini Egg Custard with Yolk Mooncake, a creation filled with velvety smooth custard and flavourful salted egg yolk centre. Impress your guests with its edible gold leaf delicately topped on the mooncake for a luxurious touch. 

Xin Cuisine Mooncakes 2018 – Creative Snowskin Creations

Folks like us who adore snowskin mooncakes can choose from their wide variety of delicious creations.   The star of the snowskin mooncakes would have to be the 2 new flavours – refreshing Low Sugar White Lotus Paste with Orange Praline Mooncake

and the Low Sugar White Lotus Paste with Hazelnut Crunch Mooncake.

Of course, there is still the all-time favourites Green Tea Paste with Baileys Irish Cream Praline, 

Pandan White Lotus Seed Paste with Champagne Praline and

Passion Fruit Paste With Plum.

Xin Cuisine Mooncakes 2018 – Classic Traditional Baked Mooncakes

For traditional no-frills enjoyment, discover Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant’s repertoire of baked classic mooncakes

such as Low Sugar White Lotus Seed Paste with Two or Four Yolks

and the popular Assorted Nuts with French Raisins Mooncake. 

These collections of mooncakes are available for pre-order from 20 July 2018. All orders made from now to 20 August 2018 are entitled to an early bird discount of up to 30%. Mooncakes are available for collection at the Hotel Lobby from 27 August 2018, as well as twelve other locations island-wide. Orders can be placed through or by contacting Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant at (65) 6731 7173. 

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