Your Ultimate Checklist For The Perfect Romantic Proposal

Are you planning to ask your partner to marry you? The decision to get married is a rather big one. Once you have concluded that you want to get married, you need to start planning. Before you start planning for the wedding you need to let your partner know your intent of marriage. Simply asking them to marry you is no longer enough. Proposals are getting as big and whacky as the weddings themselves. You do not have to go crazy with your proposal idea. A few thoughtful moves can give your partner their perfect romantic proposal.

Do it at a Special Place

Where you propose is the most important detail of the process. Throughout your relationship, there might be places that your partner and you have made memories. At the same time, your partner might have some place where they have wanted to always go. Choose a place which will be memorable. No matter which place you choose, inform the people working at the place about your intent so that there is no confusion on a special day.

On a Special Day

Birthdays, dating anniversaries, Christmas, New Year Day and Valentine’s Day are the most common days to make memorable. The problem with proposing on a holiday is that most places will be highly crowded. You may not be willing to wait for a special day to come around. In such circumstances just choose a day that you both are free. Plan a date night and execute your proposal.

Say the Special Thing

What you say is as important as where you say it. While the whole point of the process is asking “will you marry me?” that is not all that you need to say. You should write down how you feel and why you want to take the step of getting married. No, you do not need to give an Oscar acceptance speech. But a few lines expressing your feelings is very important in making the moment special. The words you say when you propose will be remembered forever.

Find a Special Ring

Finding the perfect ring is a difficult task for many reasons. A ring is a big investment. Today you need not take your partner to shop to get a ring. You can find out their ring size and start your search for beautiful wedding rings online. Find websites that sell hallmarked jewellery. Do not go for shady websites simply because they offer low prices.

Include Special People

You can ask any of your friend or family to secretly accompany you on a special day. This is simply to catch the reaction of your partner on the film. Even if you do not want to film the proposal you might still want to include your friends and family. Depending on how close your partner and you are with your friends and family you can ask them to help you plan your proposal. Including special people can make your proposal even more special. No matter how you plan your proposal, ask yourself if you want to get married before you ask your partner to marry you.

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