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Wedding Gold Jewelry Buying Skills

Gold jewellery has an attractive colour and value preservation functions. As traditional wedding jewellery, it is undoubtedly the bride’s favourite jewellery products. There is a lot of common sense for buying gold jewellery. Let’s talk about it today.

The dragon and phoenix bracelets are designed with dragon and phoenix patterns as the design elements, inheriting the classic festive blessings. The dragon and phoenix with strong three-dimensional sense are embossed, and the middle is double characters meaning happiness, which symbolizes a happy marriage. It is a classic wedding jewellery and an indispensable part of Chinese weddings. Significance: Traditionally, the bride’s skirts are mostly decorated with gold ornaments. The parents of the two sides will give the bride a pair of dragon and phoenix bracelets.

There are also gifts from elders, which means that the love of the new couple is more solid than gold. Note on the purchase of dragon and phoenix bracelets. It must be bought in pairs, meaning in pairs; 2.Ttraditional bracelets have carved dragon and phoenix patterns on the surface. Gemstones can be set on the bracelet, which is more precious and eye-catching; 3. It is generally divided into mechanisms or hand-carved, and hand-made is more expensive than mechanism.

In addition, when purchasing dragon and phoenix bracelets, we also need to look from these three aspects: when looking at the surface of gold ornaments, it should be smooth, No file, scratch, hammer and other processing marks, without burrs, sand holes, pores, cracks and inclusions and other processing defects. Second, the welding is firm, no obvious creator; the design is reasonable, for example, there should be no unreasonable matching with the small hook weight chain or the large hook with the thin chain. Third, look at the imprint of the promise monogram necklace. The imprint should be legible and easy to identify, and the content must include the name and content of the precious metal material. The floral shape of the petal necklace is a perfect match for wedding gauze and evening gowns. The petals of the golden flower are more twisted and decorated with flowers, which adds the same charm to the bride.
The new wedding gold ornaments with the pendant chain have quietly broken the old image of the past, and the creative, stylish and tasteful chain has become the new popular theme. Most of them are symbols of flowers, worms and other auspicious objects, such as flowers, butterflies, bauhinia, lotus, etc., but the shape is more varied, it is more colourful and noble than traditional wedding gold ornaments. The style tends to be contracted and abstract, the modern decoration feeling is stronger, and it looks more fashionable and beautiful than the traditional solid pendant.

Gold chains can be long or short, and pendants can be large or small. If it is close-fitting to wear, you should choose a short chain, but if it is wearing a shirt or a jumper, to expose the necklace neckline you should try to choose a medium length engraved name necklaces. In recent years, the length and size of the pendants and chains are basically fixed for the popular chain with pendants.

In addition to matching wedding dresses, everyday dresses are also very easy to match. For earrings, it is suggested that short hair ladies can choose button-style or popular ear-style, which can show a clean style; and for long straight hair ladies, choose button-type or small ring-shaped earrings to show intellectual elegance. It is simple and romantic. If it is a long curly hair lady, the freehand earrings will make you look graceful. The choice of vertical chain earrings is the best choice, but when choosing, pay attention to whether the vertical chain interface is strong.

For women with long, slender fingers and fair skin, all kinds of rings look good on you. A woman with a rounded finger can choose a ring with a wider face or a clear theme, this can shift attention from the finger to the ring makes the fingers look slender; for a woman with a slender finger, choosing a pure, delicate gold ring can make your hands look chubbiness and highlight the lines of your hands.

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