Best Singapore Florists For Flower Delivery In Singapore

Singaporeans love flowers! In the past few years, we have seen the opening of many flower shops and online florists, each with their own niche and style. With so many choices, it is easy to feel torn between which florist to go to for flower delivery for special occasions. Fret not, we have narrowed down the options with a list of the best Singapore florists for flower delivery services in Singapore. Now all you need is a reason! You may like to add jewelry boxes in as gifts too! Check more gift ideas at reviewertouch.

1. Her Flowers

Her Flowers aims to make the experience of giving and receiving flowers simple, affordable and satisfying. Their collection ranges from luxurious and eye-popping to simple and charming bouquets. Their strength is in the details as they deliver their blooms in lovely and elegant bespoke presentation boxes to really highlight the beauty of the flowers while also maintaining their form and freshness. Their express flowers service ensures the timely and same-day arrival of your bouquet so you’ll never have to miss an important occasion! They will deliver the flowers faster than you can go from Bangkok to Koh Samui

Website: | Tel: +65 3163 1525

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2. A Better Florist

Lightning-fast delivery is what A Better Florist does best. Buying a bouquet from their curated collection gets you modern and trendy arrangements at reasonable prices. They source their flowers directly from the nurseries of Cameron Highlands so you know they are as fresh as you can get them when they arrive. Best of all, super fast guaranteed free delivery is the best value for money out there.

Website: | Tel: +65 3163 1525

3. Katong Flower Shop

Katong Flower Shop has been around since 1948 which means they have diversified their operations to become a one-stop shop for all your floral and horticulture needs. Their flower selection and arrangements range from weddings and grand openings to sympathy flowers and artificial blooms. For flower aficionados looking for some DIY tools, you can also order all sorts of tools. If you have a garden, you can collect Many types of pole saw, for a long and short tree. I recommend Electric pole saw as a garden owner to help you with floral upkeep. You can even buy your flowers wholesale for big events and special occasions.

Website: | Tel: +65 6442 2155 / 6446 6200

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4. Far East Flora

Just a bit younger than Katong Flower Shop, Far East Flora has 50 years under their belt. Their range and depth of experience in the industry has gained them the accolades and the loyal customer base. Their well-established presence allows them to cater to all sorts of events and holidays with a diverse array of bouquets, hampers, baskets and displays for any budget. With Far East Flora, you are vouching on their reliability because of the longevity they have managed to achieve.

Website: | Tel: +65 6251 2323

5. Valen Fleur   

Touted as one of best florists in the country by Singapore Tatler, Valen Fleur goes all out when it comes to lush and elegant arrangements. They value the needs and specifications of clients, so they’ve added a special bespoke page on their online shop to cater to personalised orders. You can pre-select colour as theme, the flowers and the budget to create your very own bouquet.

Website: | Tel: +65 6738 7384

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6. Roses Only

This Australian-based brand makes it their mission to provide the best roses in the market. Roses, being the epitome of love and passion, are classic choices for gifting bouquets during Valentine’s Day and other romantic affairs. Though the varying hues can also make roses suitable for other, less intimate occasions. So if you want to stick with the classics, you can order from their selection of the finest long-stemmed roses to be delivered anywhere in Singapore.

Website: | Tel: +65 6256 1818

7. Floral Garage

If you want luxurious flowers for less, Floral Garage offers hand bouquets starting at $34.90. Pressed for time? Then ask of their free style floral service so they can handle all the details by just letting them know the recipient, the occasion and your preferred style.

Website: | Tel: +65 6282 2813 / 93878871

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8. Poppy Floral Studio

Wildflowers are the stars of Poppy Floral Studio. For those who like more informal and rustic style, Poppy’s gorgeous garden-variety blooms stand out. Their arrangements are romantic and nostalgic at the same time. You’ll surely be tempted to channel your bohemian and free-spirited side once you get a Poppy flower bouquet.

Website: | Tel: +65 6225 8496

9. Floral Magic

Floral Magic is known for their bridal bouquets and wedding arrangements. They’ve partnered with numerous brides and grooms to mount memorable ceremonies with their backdrop of plush and delicate flowers. You can get a taste of their style and aesthetic by ordering some of their handmade bouquets on their online shop.

Website: | Tel: +65 6337 6398

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10. Sing See Soon

With big-name clients like The Ritz Carlton and Marina Bay Sands, you know Sing See Soon means business. They have fully embraced technology and it has made all the difference, opening doors for corporate events and creative consultations with high-profile clients. To meet the demands, they source their flowers from various places like New Zealand, Thailand, India, Malaysia and Holland.

Website: | Tel: +65 6285 2777

We hope you find our selection of the best Singapore florists for flower delivery services in Singapore useful. If you know of any other worthy florists, do share with us in the comments section below. 

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  2. Very informative post. Recently I purchased hand bouquet from They done a delivery with 3 hours. I a, strongly recommended them.

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