Travel With Justice League Super Hero On EZ-Link Singapore

EZ-Link, Singapore’s largest issuer of CEPAS-compliant cards just announced the extension of the popular ‘Travel with your Justice League Super Hero’ campaign to reward more commuters for their strong support. This special Justice League ez-link cards will be made available to holders of Adult Anonymous ez-link cards expiring between 1 January and 31 March 2016.


Embraced by many Singaporeans due to the endearing depiction of globally adored super hero characters, the special Justice League cards have spiced up the journey of many since its launch in July 2014.


Eligible cardholders can now visit any TransitLink Ticket Office to get the Justice League ez-link cards at a subsidised cost of S$3 per card. You will have the S$3 directly deducted from the expiring cards, with the remaining value transferred to the new cards, which are without any stored value.

SupergirlDo note that you will be required to top-up their expiring cards if there is insufficient card value for the transaction. If your cards have already expired, you may use other valid ez-link cards to make your purchase.

Green Lantern

All the ten designs of the special Justice League ez-link card series will be made available across the island but on a while-stocks-last basis, including Superman, Green Lantern, Robin, Flash, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, The Joker, Catwoman and Batman.

Wonder Woman

To check the expiry dates of your ez-link cards, you can go to the EZ-Link website, General Ticketing Machines, Add Value Machines and My EZ-Link Mobile App which can be downloaded from Google Play Store. You can also view the expiry dates on top-up receipts at EZ-Link Top-up Machines, TransitLink Ticket Offices and Passenger Service Counters.


Commuters with expiring cards who are on EZ-Reload (Auto Top-up) can also purchase the special Justice League ez-link cards and re-apply for the service with the new cards. These customers can still use their expiring card upon purchase of the special Justice League card to continue to enjoy the EZ-Reload (Auto Top-Up) service until the card’s expiry date. PAssion ez-link card holders and bank co-brand credit or debit card holders with ez-link functions are not eligible for this campaign.


To keep in touch with the latest updates on these cards, please visit or follow EZ-Link’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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