Travel Destinations Your Zodiac Will Take You In The Year Of The Rooster

As the year of the Monkey comes to an end, many of us are eagerly researching, reading up on and waiting to hear what the year of the Rooster has installed for us. Whether to get more luck or seek love, global travel search engine Skyscanner shares travel recommendations based on your zodiac signs. Avoid being cooped up in the year of the Rooster, as Skyscanner also reveals the cheapest month to book for auspicious destinations for each zodiac sign.

1. Rat

Head To: Bali | Best Time To Book: March 2017

2017 is a year for Rats to find inspiration and enjoy nature’s bounty in wild undeveloped places. Why not go on an Eat, Pray, Love trip that may just provide the inspiration you are looking for to lift off your career. From yoga retreats to night club parties, the possibility of new relationships—social or romantic—is on the horizon.

2. Ox

Head To: Koh Samui | Best Time To Book: November 2017

Success, love, and health are on the cards— but only through hard work. Work on being sociable if you’re single, and strengthen existing relationships if you’re attached. A Thai beach getaway in Koh Samui is perfect for you to work on your relationships and celebrate a potentially great year.

3. Tiger

Head To: Melbourne | Best Time To Book: November 2017

A year of career opportunities lies ahead, so place yourself in an inspiring work-related environment where you can also enhance your communication skills. Immerse yourself and discover the various cities in Australia. Take a trip to the city of Melbourne, which is a perfect place to talk to people, learn, and be inspired! For Tigers, the year of the Rooster is associated with bad air quality, so be sure to hit the hinterlands of Victoria or even neighbouring Tasmania for some invigorating country air.

4. Rabbit

Head To: Sapporo | Best Time To Book: November 2017

There will be increasing pressure on your career this spring, so try and plan any holiday towards the end of the year when your hard work and tenacity starts to pay off. You may have to delay your travel plans – so why not head to Sapporo, one of the world’s great winter wonderlands, at the end of the year? You’ll also be just in time to rest and bask in the festive vibes of the winter season!

5. Dragon
Head To: Tokyo | Best Time To Book: May 2017

2017 is an auspicious year for Dragons, where one can expect good luck and money! The stars also share that you’ll also need tons of energy and creativity to reach your destination. Take inspiration from the city of Tokyo, one of the most audacious cities on the planet. A wonderfully memorable holiday is guaranteed here, and there is no bad season to go.

6. Snake

Head To: Hong Kong | Best Time To Book: September 2017

Snakes will have money and career opportunities in 2017. Spend lots of time on love and relationships, but this might make you feel a bit claustrophobic, so how about some me-time in Hong Kong? Shopping, spa, food, Hong Kong has it all. If you’re tired of the city, there are many lovely hikes to go on, and beaches to hit.

7. Horse

Head To: Reykjavik | Best Time To Book: May 2017

It is a good year for careers, but be mindful of the strain and stress that comes along with it. Health should be a priority, and take precaution against any respiratory problem. Take a trip to Reykjavik for fresh air to clear your mind of work and stress. While flights can be long, the change of scenery and fresh air will do you a world of good.

8. Goat
Head To: Barcelona | Best Time To Book: November 2017

For the lovelorn Goat, 2017 is a year of delicate balance. You can’t put too much pressure on a potential partner, lest he or she flee. It is advisable not to place too much pressure on potential romance or partners. Try to keep things free and easy. Barcelona, on the sunny shores of the Spanish Mediterranean, is an ideal place for easy-going romantic times and fantastic beach fun, perfect to rekindle old sparks.

9. Monkey
Head To: Osaka | Best Time To Book: June 2017

For Monkeys, 2017 will offer a chance to accomplish your career goals if you are diligent. Relationship-wise, Monkeys are advised to maintain their current relationships, and not push anyone too hard. Focus mainly on your career and investments, and set your mind at ease over your health. Amidst the hard work, remember to take a breather from time to time. Try consuming healthy foods, or go for a dip in mineral baths in Osaka!

10. Rooster

Head To: Rome | Best Time To Book: February 2017

Expect money to be rolling in for this year! Hard work will definitely be involved, after which it is good time to visit the beautiful city of Rome, rich in culture and steeped in history. Take a well-deserved rest and enjoy the fresh air and delicious food that will recharge all the energy you have spent.

11. Dogs

Head To: Perth | Best Time To Book: August 2017

Dogs will need to watch their health in 2017, as poor health could derail your positive job prospects in the coming year.  Outdoor activities are highly recommended, and places far away from your work can reduce stress and strain. One amazing place for all of these things is Perth, a big Australian city far away from the stress and strain of your daily life, and within striking distance of some amazing Australian wineries and national parks. Taking in the sights and sounds of nature can also make for a healthier mind and body, and just the thing you need!

12. Pig 

Head To: Shanghai | Best Time To Book: Oct 2017

After a relatively quiet year, 2017 is the year where it’s time to let loose! But be careful not to be complacent at work or overly ambitious with travel budgets. Plan a trip to Shanghai where you can eat and shop, soak up the culture and atmosphere, but also not break your bank.

We hope the zodiacs have shown you the signs on where to head to in the Year Of The Rooster. It’s time to look through the calendar and reserve your leave dates with your boss before your colleagues! Have fun and all the best in the new lunar year!

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