EzFit – Bringing 24/7 Personalised Health Coaching To Your Doorstep

In a fitness-crazed Singapore, there are plenty of 24-hour gyms, however, EzFit is only one that brings the workout to you. This fitness on-demand service brings customised workout plans with unique exercise equipment to homes, offices, parks, and more.

Beyond just personal training, EzFit believes in health coaching. It is a comprehensive take on fitness that encompasses one’s diet, cardiovascular exercise, flexibility, agility, and functional movement. Besides just getting fit, EzFit’s success lies in creating a balanced lifestyle guide for its clients.

“We bring you a holistic approach to health. It is about making changes, learning what works best for your body and to implement them for the future,” says Vanan Rajan, Co-Founder of EzFit. “We don’t advocate yo-yo diets and we want to help our clients solve their problems related to health.”

After 11 years in business, EzFit is most popular amongst those with medical issues and/or value privacy. Most people over 30s suffer from some discomfort when exercising (i.e. diabetes, poor posture, and more). Along with those who do not enjoy the glares at crowded gyms, have avoided workouts until trying EzFit.

“Vanan got my bad posture fixed while as for Chris (my husband), he strengthened his weak lower back muscles so that he could go back to playing basketball,” says Tessa Myers, a satisfied client of EzFit’s Postural Correction Program.

“Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and high blood pressure, I know I had to make a change in life. Azmi from Ezfit is a great motivator and a coach as he has guided me to higher energy levels and a slimmer me! ,” says Sudheer Vijapurapu, after completing EzFit’s Fit For Photos Program.

As Singapore’s first and only 24/7 fitness provider that comes to one’s doorsteps, EzFit prides itself on its flexibility. The team of 5 highly-certified and qualified instructors (please refer to their collective certifications and qualifications listed below) does their best to fit any schedule.

The mission is to educate the clients on what to do and what not to do, especially in terms of one’s dietary intake. EzFit also offers customised trainings that are fun as there are never 2 workouts of the same kind.

To ensure more people are aware of the fitness options available, EzFit is offering free consultations island-wide. Simply visit www.ezfit.sg for more information today.

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