Taipei Trip Planning Is A Breeze With Expedia Travel Guides

Taipei is a popular travel destination for many Singaporeans. With a strong Chinese and Japanese influence, and a tinge of Western flavour, this cosmopolitan city is friendly for travellers of all race and ages. Despite its popularity, travel information on Taiwan cities including Taipei is often in Mandarin making it tough particularly for first-time travellers who are not as well versed in the language. Thankfully, the folks at Expedia have come up with a comprehensive Taipei Travel Guide that will help you plan your perfect trip to Taipei City!

To get you up to speed fast on Taipei basics, the travel guide starts with a convenient quick guide with all the useful information at your finger tips. You will know the plug type (super critical if you cannot live without mobile devices), the weather you should be expecting, the average cost of food and drinks and most importantly, the currency exchange rate. 

The ‘Things To Do’ segment of the guide provides suggestions for some of the more popular attractions at Taipei. It provides a quick introduction of the attraction for your consideration supported with detailed information such as address, fees and opening hours. Man, they have taken out so much pain from sourcing all these information in Mandarin on your own!

If you are so busy that you cannot afford the time to read every suggested attraction in detail. No problem, the thoughtful folks at Expedia has prepared a ‘Top Attractions’ segment highlighted in bright yellow for you to just print and go!

Hardcore holiday shoppers can also check out Expedia’s proposed retail destinations. Before reading the guide, we did not even know Bellavita exist!

Foodies rejoice! Expedia has already sourced out some of the most delicious spots in Taipei city for your dining pleasures. It is easy to check them out because the address and opening hours are all stated.

Night owls have their prayers answered with Expedia’s recommendations for popular nightspots that they can hang out at.

To get around these destinations, Expedia also provides information on some of the more common travel options in their travel guide. 

Trip planning can be pretty exhausting. Rest your tired mind over some light-hearted fun facts on Taipei city, we can start again once you are ready!

Expedia has outdone itself with a thoughtful and easy to use English language guide for most of your trip planning requirements. Do share with us further suggestions on how they can enhance their Taipei Travel Guide to serve your needs better. Before we leave, here are some final top tips before your trip. Have fun and stay safe!

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