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Renewed Summer Palace Singapore Honours Cantonese Cuisine

Summer Palace Singapore, a cornerstone in the local Cantonese fine dining scene since 1982, proudly reopens its doors. Having welcomed generations of gourmands with its unwavering commitment to authenticity and excellence, it is now boldly transformed into a stage for contemporary, multi-sensory dining experiences that honour centuries of Chinese culinary and drinking culture principles while embracing innovation and sophistication.

Nestled within the iconic Conrad Singapore Orchard, Summer Palace exudes the serenity and quiet elegance befitting the doyenne of Cantonese cuisine. Drawing inspiration from its namesake in Beijing, it is the embodiment of imperial grandeur and refined traditions.

Summer Palace Singapore – Celebrating Heritage with Passionate Artistry

Summer Palace’s dedication to artistry and authenticity is directed by Executive Chef Liu Ching Hai. Hailing from Hong Kong heritage, Chef Liu has spent more than three decades deep-diving into the mastery of fine Cantonese cuisine. This journey has shaped a culinary ethos grounded in the timeless trifecta of 色香味 (colour, aroma, and taste), an adage revered in Chinese culture.

Guided by this ethos, Executive Chef Liu leads a masterful team to elevate and redefine time-honoured classics, demonstrating their deep knowledge, technical expertise, and sincere passion. These include exquisitely handcrafted items from Dim Sum Chef Leong Kwok Sing and impeccably executed Peking duck, char siew, and other roast meats, all cooked using traditional open-flame techniques by seasoned specialists.

The menu—which includes a la carte dishes and tasting sets—changes with the seasons, ensuring peak freshness of ingredients and that every dish nourishes from within. The offerings are diverse, featuring flavourful double-boiled soups made with superior stock simmered for 12 hours with old hen and Jinghua ham, vibrant seafood dishes made with live produce delivered daily, and aromatic stir-fried dishes infused with the “dragon’s breath” in a cast iron wok specially forged in Hong Kong. Each dish highlights the millennia-old traditions of Cantonese cuisine, showcasing the chefs’ skill and dedication.

Summer Palace Singapore – Craftsmanship-Driven Beverage Program with Chinese Origins

The new dining experience at Summer Palace features a beverage experience that is both rich in tradition and contemporary innovation. Led by a dedicated team of sommeliers and bartenders, guests are invited to discover and savour the flavours and aromas of fine Chinese teas and wines.

A tea-focused beverage programme that includes innovative tea-infused cocktails celebrates teas sourced from across China. A curated menu of “ The Classics”, “The Icons”, and “The Pinnacles” artfully presents the breadth and depth of Chinese tea; while tea sommelier Liu Tian expertly guides guests through this journey of discovery with a tableside tea ceremony.

The Chinese tea-tail (tea-led cocktail) menu layers the tea programme. Highlights include the Summer Palace Martini – a signature served on a cocktail trolley tableside – which features Brass Lion Summer Palace Edition Gin, Dancong Oolong, Pomelo, White Peony Tea, and house-infused goji berry liqueur. The Tie Guan Yin Old Fashioned combines Rye Whiskey, homemade Tie Guan Yin Whisky, Drambuie, Calvados, and bitters for a smoky twist on the cocktail classic. The Dragon Milk Punch, inspired by Cantonese milk tea, blends Da Hong Pao Milk Tea with whiskey, orange, ginger syrup, rosé wine, and roselle.

Alongside the tea-focused menus is an exceptional wine programme. Curated by Park90, the wine list showcases a selection of fine Chinese wines that explore the rich diversity and evolving excellence of Chinese viticulture. Celebrating the high-quality Chinese wines emerging both within China and internationally, the wine selection features boutique growers and artisanal vintners who prioritise quality over quantity, producing limited batches that capture the essence of their unique terroirs.

Summer Palace Singapore – Refined Experience and Graceful Hospitality

Designed by the award-winning Matthew Shang Design Office (MSDO), Summer Palace seamlessly blends imperial elegance with bold modernity. The terrace, adorned with trees and paved with herringbone silver travertine, evokes the serene ambience of an outdoor garden under the John Portman-designed atrium. Welcoming guests into the restaurant is a gallery showcasing treasured Chinese art and artefacts from the restaurant’s original collection.

The main dining room is embraced by a foyer with a wine display and a tea bar that spotlights the sommeliers’ craft in full showmanship. Here, traditional scenes of the original Summer Palace are depicted on hand-painted wallpaper from De Gournay, complemented by aubergine lacquer and oak screens in soft pinks and pastel tones. The custom-designed carpet features a modern graphic pattern of traditional Chinese lattice, while the Venetian plaster ceiling, accented by deep aubergine beading and hand-blown custom glass fittings from Preciosa, adds a shimmering elegance. The tableware, showcasing the fine artisanship of Legle and Christofle, further enhances the refined dining experience. Two private dining rooms, seating 16 and 34 guests respectively, offer a serene and sophisticated atmosphere.

Consistently awarded one Michelin star by the MICHELIN Guide Singapore since 2017, Summer Palace continues its legacy of preserving the intricacies of Cantonese cuisine and remains a cherished dining destination. It builds upon traditions to reveal new ways of enjoyment and elevates the age-old culinary culture for generations past and present.

Summer Palace is located on Level 3 of Conrad Singapore Orchard, 1 Cuscaden Road, Singapore 249715.

Renewed Summer Palace Singapore Honours Cantonese Cuisine

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