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New Multi-Sensory Degustation Menus Revealed At Jeff’s Cellar

Jeff’s Cellar, one of the world’s most evocative and enchanting culinary destinations, is inviting discerning diners to embark on a transformative, multi-sensory dining experience with its two new degustation menus – Prélude and Whimsical – which have been crafted by Chef Lee  Choon Boon and his talented team.

With over 25 years of culinary experience at various prestigious international chain hotels, Chef Boon has cultivated a deep appreciation of diverse ingredients and a talent for uncovering their potential. At The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat, which is celebrating its recent victory in the International Sustainable Awards 2024, Chef Boon embodies this spirit by showcasing the finest local, seasonal and sustainable produce. The newly revamped 10-course menus celebrate authentic ingredients from across Malaysia, while also integrating the most luxurious international flavours.

The Prélude menu signifies a fresh beginning, inspired by Sunway Group’s Founder & Chairman, Tan Sri Sir Dr. Jeffrey Cheah AO’s favourite menu: Chairman’s favourite. After years of delighting our guests, Chef Boon and his team are infusing new life into this culinary journey by incorporating an exciting array of international ingredients that elevate the dining experience to new heights.

The menu commences with Apéro, featuring sweet fermented of the day, Champagne sabayon and guineafowl tart, followed by Diver Scallop which showcases a perfectly cooked scallop topped with local Amur caviar and drizzled with fragrant herb oil, offering a sublime combination of oceanic and herbal notes.

Some of Chef Boon’s highlighted dishes from the menu includes the grilled Canadian Lobster which is accompanied by fresh cress, edible flowers and a rich lobster reduction

and the melt-in-the-mouth Miyazaki A5 Wagyu Beef enhanced with maitake mushrooms, pomme purée and jus de viande.

Whimsical offers a contrasting experience to Prélude. Ideal for adventurous gourmands who continuously seek new inspirations, this gastronomic odyssey features diverse Asian ingredients, organic local delicacies and a creative approach to Western cooking techniques that reimagines familiar flavours.

Beans encapsulates the essence of this menu, with a mix of locally-sourced ingredients such as smooth texture tofu gelato accompanied by bean curd shards, Ipoh peanut crumbs, beansprout, soybean mousse, lemongrass bavarois and a dust of ginger powder, offering a taste reminiscent of taufufa, Ipoh’s famous tofu pudding dessert.

Other courses to look out for include Termite Mushroom, Lamb and Consommé. The garden-harvested termite mushroom is presented with generous shavings of seasonal truffle, grilled with soy glaze until its wonderfully tender, while the lamb is grilled using premium Japanese Binchotan charcoal, which is odourless and maintains a consistent temperature. This method ensures the meat cooks evenly, locking in moisture and delivering a nice texture. The consommé slowly simmered with guineafowl and is garnished with edible flowers to transport guests’ senses back to childhood memories of home-cooked soup that warms the heart

Both of these mouth-watering menus also highlight Jeff’s Cellar’s home-baked sourdough bread –Leaven – which features a crispy crust and a spongy interior, which is perfect for dipping in Castello Banfi extra virgin olive oil and 12-year-aged balsamic vinegar – exclusively available at Jeff’s Cellar!

The Prélude and Whimsical menus are both priced at MYR 725 nett per person for visiting diners. Jeff’s Cellar is open daily from 18:00 to 23:00 hrs and 48-hour advanced reservations are required. For more information and to embark on a culinary journey like no other, please call +60 5 210 7745 or email [email protected].

We still can’t forget our amazing staycation there. To book your unforgettable stay at The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat, visit

New Multi-Sensory Degustation Menus Revealed At Jeff’s Cellar

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