As the name Shutter Strut implies, it is a Photo walk. I can be spotted aimlessly walking around with a huge ass DSLR slung across my shoulder randomly snapping pics. You may be curious about my background, passion for photography and the rationale behind some of the photos that I take. Here’s my standard FAQ answers to questions that frequently popped up.

Who are you (and why are you so handsome)?

Well, as you can tell, I don’t take myself too seriously. I try my best not to. I’m just a regular Singaporean who has taken to photo taking (how RARE is THAT?). I don’t have a specific genre in particular that I like to take.I just snap whatever seems interesting. And when possible, I try to remember the experience of taking the photo by putting it into words as well.

Paul Goh Relatively Relaxed Studio - AspirantSG

Why do you shoot what you shoot?

Well, that’s the thing about photos. What may be beautiful and abstract to YOU may just be boring to others. I hope in a small way, my photos and experiences connect with you, the viewer. And that’s why I guess there’s no such thing as a bad photo (not unless it’s of Justin Bieber of course)

Shutter Strut By Relatively Relaxed Studio - AspirantSG

Can I engage you to take photos/videos for my events? 

Certainly! Just visit my Facebook Fan Page My contact details and more pictures can be found there.

Line & Lights By Relatively Relaxed Studio - AspirantSG

Do you like Durians?:


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