Pokemon GO Kyogre – How To Defeat & Catch Kyogre In Pokemon GO Gym Raids

Pokemon GO trainers were delivered a surprise this weekend as Kyogre, the Water-type Legendary Pokémon originally discovered in the Hoenn region is now appearing in Raid Battles around the world! Just like how Pokemon Ho-Oh was released, Kyogre will only be available as a Raid boss from now until 5am (Singapore Time) on 14 February 2018. There seems to be the trend that the Gen 3 Legendary Pokemon will likely be released in a similar fashion to Pokemon Go Legendary Dogs with a new Raid boss every 30 days.

Pokemon GO Kyogre – Introduction To The New Raid Boss

Kyogre made its first appearance in Pokémon Sapphire, the 2003 Game Boy Advance game. In fact, this Pokémon was its cover star, complemented by Pokémon Ruby’s Groudon. Pokemon Groudon was released into Pokemon GO game last December together with 55 New Gen 3 Pokemon.

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Pokemon GO – Kyogre, the Water-type Legendary Pokémon originally discovered in the Hoenn region, is now appearing in Raid Battles around the world! Keep an eye out for Kyogre at Gyms near you, and you may be one of the first to catch this Legendary Pokémon. But don’t delay—Kyogre will only be available until 1:00 P.M. PST on February 14, 2018. Good luck, Trainers!

Pokemon GO Kyogre – Gym Open To All, Not Exclusive Ones

This time around, trainers will appreciate that they do not need a special invitation in order to battle and capture Kyogre. Unlike the Legendary Raid Pokemon Mewtwo, Kyogre is part of standard Raid battles, not the premium exclusive ones.

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Pokemon GO Kyogre – Key Stats & Moves

The CP for the Kyogre raid boss is 51,968 and as you might expect it is close to impossible to take on this Gen 3 Legendary on your own. We recommend that you take it on with at least 4 – 5 fellow trainers in order to defeat it.

Its only Fast Attack – Waterfall – is a Water-type attack, while its Charged Attack may be an Electric-type Thunder, Ice-type Blizzard, or Water-type Hydro Pump.

Once captured it can have a maximum capture CP of 2328, at Level 20, with a perfect IV score or 2910 in rainy weather when level 25 with a perfect IV.

Pokemon GO Kyogre – Weaknesses To Exploit

Being a Water-type Pokemon, Kyogre is weak only against Electric- and Grass-type attacks. Electric-type Pokemon would prove to be reliable choices regardless of Kyogre’s moves. Their Electric-type attacks will deal super-effective damage to Kyogre, while none of Kyogre’s attacks will be super effective in return.

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Kyogre will become even more powerful if rain is falling on the battlefield. But of course, this also means that Electric-type attacks will also be amplified during rainfall, which could help in bringing this raid boss down.

Pokemon GO Kyogre – Counter Pokemon To Use

To defeat Kyogre, Raikou will be the most effective Electric-type Pokémon, followed by Zapdos and Jolteon trailing. It should also be noted that Grass-type Pokemon resists Water-type attacks, so they might be your top performers against a Kyogre that knows Hydro Pump. However, do take note that a Kyogre with Blizzard can decimate your Grass-type Pokemon with a One-Hit KO.

Since Kyogre only has two weaknesses, it may be wise to find a few more Pokémon to put together a party with high CP Pokemon. Keep Kyogre’s attacks in mind during the battles – a Kyogre that knows Thunder will have a hard time matching up against a Groudon that knows Solar Beam. On the other hand, a Kyogre that knows Blizzard gives you an opening to counter with your own Solar Beam wielder in Ho-Oh.

Dragonite can be pitted against a Kyogre that knows only Water-type attacks and you may also want to bring in Mewtwo for quick bursts of damage if you are blessed with one.

If you do not have the above, these Pokemon makes good alternatives too: Ampharos with Charge Beam and Zap Cannon, Tangela with Vine Whip and Solar Beam, Victreebell with Razor Leaf and Solar Beam, Meganium with Vine Whip and Solar Beam, Manectric with Charge Beam and Wild Charge and Magneton with Thundershock and Zap Cannon.

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Pokemon GO Kyogre – How To Catch Once Defeated

Kyogre is a pain to catch. It’s a wide Pokemon which means that it sits very far away and becomes difficult to hit with excellent throws. The best advice for iPhone users is to turn on AR+ moves and approach very cautiously. This will allow you to close the distance and get a slightly better chance at excellent throws, even though curveballs are very difficult to pull off in AR+ mode.

Everyone else should focus on getting a nice, wide angle out on your Pokeballs to cover a long distance and still end up in the centre of the screen by the time it gets out far enough. As usual, you should release the ball towards the end of Kyogre’s attack animation so that you can increase your chances of catching it unaware.

Kyogre also drifts horizontally, so if you are better at throwing curveballs either left or right, just wait until it slides to your preferred side. There’s no reason to rush your throw, maximising your chances of catching it is more important.

Pokemon GO Kyogre – Good Luck & Don’t Forget Groudon too



 is still in Gym rotation, although not for much longer. Groudon will be leaving Gyms on 15 January 2018 so you only have a few more days to add it to your collection.

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