How To Defeat & Catch Pokemon Go Groudon In Legendary Raids

It seems like Niantic is not going to give Pokemon Go trainers a break from the long string of legendary raids. Don’t get us wrong, everyone adores Legendaries but it would be great to allow a short break in between so that trainers can go back to hunting, evolving and power up Pokémon. Groudon will now be appearing in Raid Battles worldwide from now until 15 January 2018! We are here to share how to defeat and catch Pokemon Go Groudon! This makes an important milestone – Groudon is the first Gen 3 Legendary to be made available through raids but certainly not the last. What an awesome start to the new year!

Pokemon Go Groudon – Niantic Announcement 

Niantic announced on 15 December 2017: “Groudon, the Ground-type Legendary Pokémon originally discovered in the Hoenn region, is now appearing in Raid Battles around the world! Keep an eye out for Groudon at Gyms near you, and you may be one of the first to catch this Legendary Pokémon. But don’t delay—Groudon will only be available until 1:00 p.m. PST on January 15, 2018.”

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Pokemon Go Groudon – What is a Groudon Pokemon?

In case you are not aware, Groudon is a Ground-type Pokemon. Better known as the mascot for Pokemon Ruby, it is a large burrowing Pokemon with thick red scales and powerful-looking claws. Apart from Slaking, Groudon is one of the most powerful Pokemon in the game by raw stats with a max CP of 4074.

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Pokemon Go Groudon – Groudon Raids Are Open To All

The good news for trainers who are frustrated with EX Raids, which require a premium invite in order to participate. All trainers are free to try their hand at catching Groudon with legendary raids.

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Pokemon Go Groudon – Which Pokemon To Use Against Groudon?

Legendary Pokemon always have a reputation for being extremely strong. That is why it is crucial to team-up with at least 6 to 8 fellow trainers to take down Groudon. Each trainer can use up to six Pokémon in Pokemon Go raid battles. Picking the right creatures to give you the best advantage in these fights is incredibly important.

As a Ground-Type Pokemon, Groudon is only weak to a handful of attacks. Water-Type, Grass-Type, and Ice-Type attacks will all do Super-Effective damage against Groudon. However, Groudon actually has a built-in counterattack against two of those Pokemon.

You may be tempted to load up your team with Exeggutor, Sceptile, and Articuno, but Groudon has a 33% chance of knowing Fire Blast. A Fire Blast attack would wipe out any of those Pokemon in one hit, which means it’s a bit risky to load up your team with just Grass or Ice-Type Pokemon.

Gyarados is the most powerful Water-Type attacker in the game. A Gyarados with Waterfall and Hydro Pump can not only dish out a ton of damage to Groudon. Plus, Gyarados is a Water/Flying dual-type Pokemon, which means that it doesn’t have a natural weakness to Grass-Type attacks like Solar Beam.

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If you do not have an army of Gyarados, you can consider the following Pokemon to spruce up your attack team: Vaporeon, Exeggutor, Venusaur, Feraligatr, Vileplume, Victreebel, Omastar and Dragonite,

Pokemon Go Groudon – Take Note Of The Weather!

When taking on Groudon, remember to keep an eye on the weather. The game has already progressed to a stage where certain types get power bonuses based on the weather, which was not the case for most raid bosses before this. Clear weather can boost your Grass-Type Pokemon.

Groudon is at its most dangerous in sunny/clear weather, as its Grass, Ground and Fire-Type attacks get a big boost due to the weather. That means Groudon’s best attack will be boosted no matter what charge move it has during the raid. If you have to battle Groudon during Sunny weather, bring in a few Grass-Type Pokemon to benefit from the weather boost.

If you’re aiming to take down Groudon with Gyarados or any Water-Type, your best bet is to wait until its raining. Rainy Weather boosts Gyarados’s Water-Type attacks and Groudon doesn’t get any benefit from it. Ice-Type Pokemon also get a boost in snowy weather, which might be helpful for those players battling Groudon in the middle of a cold winter

However, do keep in mind that some raid Groudon can also get stronger if he has moves like Solar Beam (a grass type move he can learn despite being ground-type), which will work against you and fellow trainers in a big way during good weather.

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Pokemon Go Groudon – Capturing The Legendary Pokemon!

Defeating Groudon may be difficult but you will soon realise that capturing this Pokemon is so much tougher! After a raid battle is completed, every trainer who participated earns individual in-game items as rewards for defeating the raid boss. The items include a given number of Pokeballs to attempt to catch a weaker version of the raid boss.

1. Throw With More Power

Due to its huge size, Groudon stands quite far away in the catch screen. This means that you have to throw your Poke Balls with a little more power than usual just to hit it.

2. Deceptive Attack Animation

Groudon also has a deceptive attack animation. When Groudon takes a quick swipe at you, its attack animation actually takes a moment to upset. If you throw your Poke Ball right as Groudon attacks, your Poke Ball will bounce away uselessly. Your best bet is to wait until Groudon has already swiped and is returning to its standing position before attacking. Thankfully, Groudon doesn’t move from side to side or up and down, so at least you won’t have to deal with any headaches like you did when trying to catch a Legendary Bird.

3. Golden Razz Berries & Excellent Throws

We suggest that you use Golden Razz Berries—which greatly increase your chance to catch any Pokémon—on every throw when attempting to capture Groudon. Even then, it might not be enough. Aim to secure an excellent throw to give yourself the best possible chance of catching it.

We hope you find our tips to defeat and catch Pokemon Go Groudon useful. All the best to your every battle and throws. Do share with us your comments and feedback below too!

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