Perth Autumn Attractions – Top Autumn Holiday Picks For Perth Australia

With sunny days and cooler nights (daytime temperatures of up to around 26 degrees, dropping to around 13 degrees at night), autumn is one of the best seasons in Perth to experience the outdoors and the arts and culture scene. Here are some events to mark on your calendar that will have you tasting sweet fruit in the orchards, spotting whales out on the ocean and wandering around artworks in the sand.

1. Persimmon Season

Fruit seasons in Perth change from stone fruit in summer to apples and pears in autumn. During early autumn in Perth, you’ll still be in time to catch the delicious peaches, apricots, plums and nectarines being harvested at Raeburn Orchards. Then in May, you can sample in-season persimmons. Try their apples and pears too – there’s nothing quite as good as fruit fresh from the tree!

Raeburn has pioneered a variety that’s less astringent and very palatable to taste. And it’s not just the taste that has appeal; In autumn, both the fruit and leaves of the trees turn a stunning dark orange, creating incredible photo opportunities at the orchard!

2. Blue Whales At Perth Canyon 

Another spectacle on nature’s calendar during Perth in autumn is the feeding of rare Blue Whales. You’ll have heard of the Humpback Whales, which migrate along the coast during spring, but did you know that off the coast of Perth in autumn, Blue Whales arrive to feed on krill in the Perth Canyon, 50 nautical miles off the coast?

The Blue Whale is the world’s largest mammal, growing up to a mind-blowing 30 metres or more in length. This rare creature is endangered, so the chance to see them feeding is something everyone should do once in a lifetime.

Whale Watch WA can take you during autumn to the Perth Canyon to witness this unique sight. The underwater canyon is said to be larger than the Grand Canyon, creating a huge smorgasbord of sea life that attracts the majestic Blue Whales each year at the same time. On the full-day tour, you will have the chance to spot a whole range of marine life, including dolphins, sea lions, sharks, killer whales and migratory sea birds.

3. Sculpture by the Sea

 Back on the beach, autumn in Perth welcomes Sculpture by the Sea. This is one of Perth’s largest free events, attracting international artists to display their astonishing work on the sand and grassy foreshore at Cottesloe.

The works play with the environment in intriguing ways, capturing the imagination and inviting interaction. It’s one of the most Instagrammable events and makes for a day or night out with a real difference. As the sun goes down, many of the artworks change with the light, keeping you mesmerised as you stroll along the sand or relax on the grassy banks overlooking the ocean.

This is the best time to visit Perth’s famous Cottesloe – a wonderful place to stay on for lunch or dinner, with several beachfront cafes and restaurants along the Marine Parade strip. Try the Beaches Cafe for coffee, Cottesloe Beach Hotel for drinks, and Il Lido or Indiana for food – you won’t be disappointed.

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