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Perth Travel Guide – Perth 7-days Itinerary For Fun-filled Australia

Dreaming of enjoying the best of both worlds, the city life vs nature and wildlife? Here is our Perth 7-days itinerary for Western Australia that brings you a balance of both! Perth, the city and capital of Western Australia has so much to offer, be it its buzzling city life, its aboriginal culture, the national parks, marine parks, beaches as well as fine food and wine. Join us on our Perth travel guide from transportation to what to see and do in Western Australia!  

Perth 7-days Itinerary – Transportation

Flying direct from Singapore to Perth Airport takes about 5 hours. Singapore Airlines flies direct from Singapore to Perth 4 times daily, you may visit to book your flights.

With so much to cover and so limited time, this itinerary call for a self-drive tour or touring coaches to bring you around. Our entire holiday was well-taken care of with ADAMS Coachlines and our friendly driver Dianne who picked us up from Perth Airport. ADAMS Coachlines is Perth’s premier bus and coach service provider, the seats are comfortable and spacious. It was our fuss-free mode of transport around Australia’s Coral Coast region.

Though our itinerary begins with a 5 hours road trip up-north to Geraldton, it is recommended to spend a day in Perth City then start on the road trip up north to Geraldton the next day, so you do not have to go through the full 10 hours’ travelling time.

Perth 7-days Itinerary Day 1 – Lobster Shack

Explore the third-generation family-owned Lobster Shack located on the beachfront of Cervantes.

Over here you can take a tour in the Lobster factory and learn how the lobsters are reared and exported.

Be sure to stop by for a delicious meal of fresh lobsters, prawns and scallops.

Perth 7-days Itinerary Day 2 – HMAS Sydney II Memorial, Scenic flight from Geraldton Air Charter & Adventure time at East Wallabi Island

We met a group of passionate volunteer guides at the HMAS Sydney II Memorial, who shared with us the history and honour of the Australian soldiers who lost their lives on HMAS Sydney II. It was the greatest single loss in Australian Naval History. A morning spent at this place of contemplation and reflection is nothing short of enriching. The Geraldton Voluntary Tour Guides Association offers daily tours of the memorial at 1030am.

How does a flying on private jet to have an aerial view of the Albrolhos Islands and Pink Lake sound to you?

Take your vacation to a new height as you embark on a scenic air tour by Geraldton Air Charter and land yourselves at East Wallabi Island for some snorkelling, picnic and wallabies spotting!

Perth 7-days Itinerary Day 3 – Kalbarri Abseil and Kalbarri Wagoe Beach Quad Bike Tours

Get outdoors and dusty at Kalbarri for an adventure that you’ll be proud to own. Conquer your fears and experience the exhilarating thrill of descending down the rock face on a rope with Kalbarri Abseil. Even if you’re not an extreme sportsman, the coaches are experienced and skilled to guide you on as you work on each step.

Read Perth Adventure Travel Guide! to find out what are some tips you can take before you embark on abseiling for the first time!

Set on an enjoyable and relaxing ride through the pristine sand dunes on a fully guided self-drive Quad Bike and Beach Buggy Tour by Kalbarri Wagoe Beach Quad Bike Tours! Ride along the windy coastlines and soak in the spectacular view of blue skies, oceans and wind-induced ripples in the sand dunes.

Perth 7-days Itinerary Day 4 – Pink Lake, Chapman Valley Fishing Park, Greenough Leaning Trees, Oakabella Homestead, Sunset at the Pinnacles Desert

Start your day at the Instagram-worthy Hutt Lagoon, better known as Pink Lake. Bordering Port Gregory, the lagoon is a salt lake with pink hue owing to the presence of the carotenoid producing algae, Dunaliella salina. This algae is also a source of beta-carotene, which is used as a food-colouring agent and source of Vitamin A in cosmetic and supplements. A must-visit for travellers who look forward to capturing picturesque moments and landscapes.

For the perfect lunch plan, head on to Chapman Valley Fishing Park for a short tour of the fish farm where you can get up close with the local prawns and try your hand at fishing barramundis.

After the tour, savour a meal of freshly cooked, locally farmed fishes and prawns to your delight.

En route to Oakabella Homestead, look out of the car windows or stop by Greenough to see this bizarre natural phenomenon of the “leaning tree”. These iconic trees are scattered throughout the Shire of Greenough. The tree trunks lie horizontal to the ground as a result of the airborne salt content blown in with the winds off the Indian Oceans.

For the brave-hearts, a visit to Western Australia’s most haunted Oakabella homestead would be a place of visit on the itinerary. Many tales have been told about this apparently most haunted place in Western Australia, Oakabella Homestead.

Take a tour through the original 13 room homestead and hear stories of the preoccupants, including some unfortunate accidents that had taken place within the homestead itself. Read Perth Adventure Travel Guide! for more details.

Before or after the tour, stop by the café for some wonderful tasting food and drinks such as homemade panini, nachos, toasted croissants and what we heard, WA’s best scones!

Before the day ends, catch a spectacular sunset in the backdrop of thousands of limestone spires that emerged out of the yellow desert sands; one of Western Australia’s most fascinating natural landscapes.

Perth 7-days Itinerary Day 5 – Sandboarding at Lancelin Sand Dunes, Yanchep National Park, Perth City – Chevron Gardens: Perth Festival

Have a morning of fun sliding down beautiful white sand dunes with friends at one of Australia’s premier sandboarding destination, Lancelin. Read Perth Adventure Travel Guide! to get ready for your sandboarding adventure! 

Get close to the Australia’s native animal, Koalas at Yanchep National Park, which offers visitors a chance to stroll on the 240-metre Koala boardwalk to see the Koalas in their natural environment. As much as we love to cuddle these snuggly-looking Koalas, we learnt that most of the attraction parks in Australia have banned visitors from hugging them because Koalas need up to 22 hours of sleep a day, the lack-of could be life-threatening to them.

In Yanchep National Park, you can also spot some wild Western Grey Kangaroos! They are usually roaming around the recreation areas in the early morning and resting under the bushes in the afternoon when it is hotter.

We were also in for a treat on the Wanga Mia Aboriginal cultural tour when we met Derek, the indigenous guide. Starting from family structures, to ancient hunting tools, knowledge of plants/animals, languages, songs, dances, didgeridoo demonstration to seasonal movements, Derek brought us into the enthralling world of the Noongar people. It was an eye-opening tour indeed, which has definitely widened our horizons and let us have a deeper appreciation for the aboriginal roots.

Round up your four days of adventure and unwind with a chillax night in Perth city! Making our way back to Perth City at sunset, we managed to catch the three weeks long music festival in town that boasts vocal talents across various genres such as AfroCuban jazz to hip hop, soul, folk-pop, etc. For future runs of Perth Festival, check out

Perth 7-days Itinerary Day 6 – Walking Tours and Fremantle Market

As we re-orientate ourselves back to city life, we joined a 2-hours enriching walking tour by Fremantle Tours and hosted by Michael to have an overview of the vibrant city and why Fremantle was ranked as the 7th best city in the world by Lonely Planet in 2016. We were introduced to iconic buildings such as the oldest – The Roundhouse, Fremantle Prison and more. We also got to see local street art while enjoying a cuppa coffee along the way.

While in Perth City, be sure not to miss the famous fish and chips at Cicerello’s and shopping at the Fremantle Markets. There are a wide variety of goods to be bought at Fremantle market, ranging from fresh food produce to ornaments, souvenirs, indigenous items, artwork and food!

Right before dinner, we met our guide, Ryan from Two Feet & a Heartbeat Perth City Walking Tour. It is interesting to learn from a different tour as it opens our perspective and widen our knowledge about the city. Ryan introduced us to Perth’s emerging social scene, hidden laneways, the Perth City Link, the Kings Square and Yagan Square precincts.

Perth 7-days Itinerary Day 7 – Segway Tours WA

Before we leave for the airport, it was our final chance to explore the city and not miss out on any remarkable sights. The best and fastest way to do so was to hop onto a Segway with Segway Tours WA and cruise along the city to admire the beauty while uncovering the stories, histories and plans behind the city’s developments.

Read Perth Adventure Travel Guide! to find out how the tour works!

Written by: Magdalene Tan

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