Go Nutty With Artisan Nut Butters On New Zealand Peanut Butter Day

With beautiful fresh produce, world-class wine, amazing lamb – New Zealand is well known for its culinary offerings. What a lot of people may not realise is that New Zealand’s love of fine food runs so deep the country has managed to perfect even the simplest of pantry staples and made it into a gourmet treat to satisfy even the fussiest gourmand. To celebrate New Zealand Peanut Butter Day we have rounded up the country’s best peanut butter producers and where you can visit them on your next visit.

1. New Zealand Peanut Butter Day – Fix and Fogg (Wellington)

With Fix & Fogg (5 Eva Street, Te Aro), ex-commercial lawyer Roman Jewell and his wife Andrea set out to make the perfect peanut butter – they roast the nuts dark, then grind them carefully. You can buy it directly from their tiny kitchen on a Wellington back alley. Look for the flag. 

Must try: Smoke and fire – Fix and Fogg’s super crunchy blended with organic NZ grown chillies a little added natural Manuka smoke and Spanish smoked paprika. Great with cheese and crackers or smeared on a burger.

2. New Zealand Peanut Butter Day – Nelson Pic’s Peanut Butter (South Island)

Nelson’s Pic’s Peanut Butter leads the way in nut butter tourism. Pic’s has been at it since 2008 and take blanched Australian peanuts then roast and grind them in sunny Nelson at the top of New Zealand’s South Island. There are two ingredients in Pic’s Peanut Butter, peanuts and salt, unless of course you prefer the no salt version in which case there is only one. You can visit the Pic’s Peanut Butter Factory for a tour to see how it is all done before buying some of the perfect spread to take home. Note: Tours are Monday to Friday at 10am – bookings essential.

Must try: Peanut Butter Slug – Avoid the guilt of sticking your finger in the jar and treat yourself to a pack of Pic’s Peanut Butter Slugs. The ‘slugs’ are 30g shots of peanut butter for the serious peanut butter lover. No toast needed.

3. New Zealand Peanut Butter Day – Nut Brothers (Auckland)

Nut Brothers was borne out of gold old Kiwi ingenuity when three mates decided to buy a peanut butter machine off a New Zealand auction website.  The soon convinced friends and family they weren’t nuts once they tried their delicious and natural nut butters. Nut Brothers grew from there and is now stocked on the shelves of one of New Zealand’s major supermarkets.

Must tryDark chocolate – Nut Brothers’ dark chocolate and peanut butter is the perfect blend of 65% cacao beans and peanuts. A much healthier and more delicious version than other hazelnut relatives.

New Zealand Peanut Butter Day – Other nutty New Zealand flavours

Auckland’s famous ice cream shop Giapo has created the Manuka Smoked Peanut Butter flavour. Lightly smoked in store to intensify the flavour, dipped in dark chocolate and dotted with peanuts, this is an ice cream not to be missed.

Peanut Butter shakes are commonplace on menus around some of the hippest establishments. Try Auckland’ BurgerBurger’s peanut butter and chocolate shake with one of their delicious burgers.

Whittaker’s chocolate peanut butter flavour is also a must try when visiting New Zealand, make sure you get a king size block because you won’t be able to stop!

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