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Herbs For Natural Detoxification

Since time unknown man has tried to keep healthy by using herbs and herbal extractions. Ancient histories of China, Egypt, Babylon, India and Native America state that they all were herbalists. The ancient Greeks and Romans also knew how to treat a patient with ‘herbal power’. People are getting more inclined to herbal medicines and foods. Herbal substances and products can be used for a wide variety of reasons and in different ways. Today we’ll only be confined to the discussion of the detoxification power of herbs and you should check out Pennsylvania detox.

Essential Terminologies:

Before we go for the description of some important herbs we’d like to introduce some terminology that herbalism has developed over its long and rich history. This will help readers to understand the benefits of the herbs.

ALTERATIVE: This term is used to describe the detoxifying actions of herbs.  Alternatives are herbs that have been proved to act as blood cleansers. They effectively change the blood from the intoxicated state to a normal and stably functioning state.

ADAPTOGEN: As the word itself suggests, this type of herbs or herbal extracts help the body to grow strong enough to withstand different physical and mental stress and strain. They are generally known as a tonic for the whole body. Some adaptogens like Ginseng, Rhodiola and Ashwagandha boost the nerve to a great extent and stabilize nervous disorders.

DEPURATIVE: Depuratives are basically ‘healthy digestion agents’ meaning they ensure the proper functioning of our liver, gall bladder and kidney. Needless to say, depuratives improve our immunity a lot because if the digestion of food goes well the whole body grows the power to protect itself from harmful pathogens.

CLEANSING: Precisely an action of cleaning a person bowel suffering from constipation, this process is associated with herbs, barks and seeds.

DETOXIFIERS: Our body has a complete and excellent system of breaking down of all that we take in: gaseous, liquid or solid, utilizing the necessary ingredients and eliminating the unnecessary and harmful substances by the process of excretion in the forms of exhalation, perspiration, urination etc. Sometimes our body fails to get the unnecessary substances out due to some malfunction of the metabolism.

This state is called the toxification of the body. Detoxifiers come into rescuing our body from that state. They effectively reboost the digestive system and ensure the removal of the toxic substances from the body. You can use glutathione for general detox as well.

DEOBSTRUENT: There are some herbal substances that clear obstructions of our body by dilating the passages naturally. They are mostly used to fight constipation, urethral stricture etc.

CHOLAGOGUE: They are certain herbal substances that Increase the flow of bile.

LAXATIVE: Mostly referred to the easy passing out of our feces, especially during constipation. In medical terms, they promote evacuation from the bowel.

LYMPHATIC: The lymphatic system of our body is a special network of tissues and organs that help remove toxin, wastes and other unwanted materials from the body. In herbal terms Lymphatics are substances that improve the flow of lymph fluid (containing white blood cells that fight harmful alien microbes like virus and bacteria) and thus enhance the lymphatic system.

HEPATIC: Mostly improving the function of the liver (even, in some cases, getting liver cirrhosis under control) the hepatics restore the bile flow.

DIURETIC: They increase the amount of water and salt that our body loses by urination.

The Detoxifying Herbs:

Below are some herbs or herbal extracts that are globally considered to be ‘natural detoxification agents’.

Mushrooms: Often described and widely used as superfood, these heavily packed herbs of a wide variety seem to have almost everything a man needs to keep healthy. For our context, we can name only two of them: reishi and shitake. They are not only effective for fighting off cancer, but they also improve the functionality of the liver. Besides resisting cancer cells, the reishi mushroom reduces the level of irritation and inflammation in our body.

Cilantro: Mercury, cadmium, lead and aluminium— four of the leading agents that expel the toxic substances from the body are all found in cilantro. If you steam one fourth packed cup of cilantro and have it daily for about a month you’re sure to feel the change.

Dandelion: This depurative herb has been used for centuries against a wide range of maladies. Mainly with the diuretic property dandelion works both on the kidneys and liver. Although not exactly known how it proved that dandelion flushes out toxins with potassium-sparing effects. Easily understandable it helps with extraction of kidney stones.

Milk Thistle:  This herb has reportedly been used for over 2000 years for healthy gallbladder and liver and also fighting off complexities in them. Glutathione, one of the body’s major antioxidant substances, is greatly supported by milk thistle.  A lot of research has been conducted to find the utility of milk thistle.

Red Clover: This herb is widely known for the ability to support healthy skin. Any complexity of skin with connection to toxification is said to be reduced to a great deal with the regular use of red clover.

Turmeric: From ancient times, turmeric has been used for detoxification and skin care. One of the most widely used cooking ingredients (especially in Indian subcontinent) turmeric has substantial anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It works well in the detoxification process within the liver. Sometimes it’s excellent laxative property softens stools allowing to pass out the toxic substances from the body.

Triphala: Mainly used in and around the Indian subcontinent (India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Srilanka and Myanmar) the ayurvedic combination of Amalaki, Bibhitaki and Haritaki have a wide range of health advantages. As a detoxifying agent, triphala supports the bowel health, grows immunity in the body and expels the dead cells quickly from the body thus working as a cleanser.

Neem: The bitter leaves have been used as remedies for hundreds of years for many good reasons. After using the boiled water for cleansing, the greenish herbal juice quickly rids off almost all the skin complexities like itching, scab, blisters etc.  When taken as a drink/or with food It also ensures easy digestion, destroys bacteria and many other harmful microbes that reside in the intestine and cleans up the colon.

Mint: The rich flavour of mint is well known around the world. No less is known about the detoxification power of it. Drinking tea with mint not only refreshes the body and rejuvenates the nerve, but it also cleanses the stomach and blood.

Burdock: Burdock’s fructo-oligo-saccharides (or sometimes referred to as FOS) agent eliminates the bacterial pathogens that grow in the gut. It has another important function of increasing the saliva and bile secretions and thereby helping the body to break down food and separate the toxic substances easily to be expelled thereafter.

Ginger: This widely used food ingredient is an amazing detoxifier: it stimulates digestion, circulation and sweating— all of which means kicking out the toxic materials from the body in an easy and natural way.

Garlic: If a supernatural or spiritual toxic element like ‘the ghost’ is considered, there is no other detox like garlic. Same for material and organic toxins. Garlic is most probably the best  known oxidising herbal agent that can heal so many complexities. The most important thing to say in this context is that garlic’s allicin makes the organic toxins more water-soluble and wash them out of the body.

Some other excellent detoxes are:

Fibre and bentonite clay





Lemon Peel

Green tea

Organic Gum Acacia

Black Walnut


Alfalfa Leaf


Stinging Nettle

Rounding up the theme

Hundreds of years of confirmed experience have proved that taking naturally fresh foods and fighting off physical complexities by herbs are the best choices to stay healthy. They have almost no side effects and in most of the cases, they can rid you off of toxic substances more easily and more effectively than the chemically produced medicines.

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