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Top Productivity Apps For Writers

The advent of the internet and impeccable technologies has impacted the productivity of writers in many ways. Today, you cannot only produce quality work but also submit your work at a stipulated deadline without any uncertainties. There are top-notch productivity apps great for writers who want to work smarter, you should know. You can go for premium apps like Google Docs, Evernote, Now Novel, and Trello, to name but a few. But, have you heard or read about Probably you have, and if not, then there is a lot to know about this application.

Everything to Know about

Audext has made automated transcription viable and the in-thing among many people out there. The number of people offering transcribing services has surged thanks to the easy access and efficiency of such a tool. It is a fantastic app you can use to convert your audio files to text and hassle-free

This a great app that you will definitely love if you know how to use it effectively. However, you have to know who this application perfectly fits. And is an excellent choice for in the following fields:

1. Media

If you are looking for an incredible application to help in transcribing worry no more. Audext audio transcription tool is the best option, especially if you are a journalist or a media practitioner. It’s a great app to use and transfer voice memos. You can as well use this app to transcribe interviews and podcasts.

Remember, some people like to read texts than listen to videos or podcasts. Podcasters can these days use this efficient tool to differentiate various speakers. You can go on and convert your audio to text and deliver your message stress-free to your target audiences.

2. Education

Students, tutors, and researchers can benefit from this advanced application. Using Audext, it’s easy to convert an MP3 or audio file into a text. Students who find it hard to keep up with their tutors, can record audio or the session and use the content later in a written format.

3. Medicine

Psychologists usually record audios in the field of operation. They can utilize this app to convert recordings into easy to read texts at little cost.

4. Business

You can use this application to transcribe the message into comprehensive texts if you are used to holding audio corporate meetings.

5. General Use

This app is excellent for you if you are among many people who like to record their mobile phone conversations and voice messages. However, make sure you have a laptop to make your work easier and fun. It offers an incredible means to convert your recordings into text format.

Why Make Audext Your Top Productivity App

No matter how you plan to use Audext, this application will, without a doubt, impact your transcribing endeavours. There are key facets that make this app the in-thing among many users out there. They include:

Faster Transcription

You don’t have to wait for hours for the entire transcribing procedure to be complete. It will take a few minutes as transcription takes place automatically thanks to the efficiency of AI. It’s easy to convert audio or speech into text format in minutes

Effective In-built Editor

Don’t struggle to edit your projects using Audext. This app comes with an in-built editing tool you will definitely like to use in your work. You just need to use the highlight feature of an active word and then have the audio part play for a moment. This application is effective enough to help convert different voices from different speakers. You will get a distinctive and excellent text transcript easy to read or use in your endeavours.


Audext is a free application that you don’t even have to download. It’s faster to use this app to transcribe loads of audios, and you will not have to pay for the services

Supports Different Audio File Formats

Some of the key audio file formats supported efficiently by this app include WAV, MP3, and MP4. Depending on your preferences, you can easily save your text in formats such as DOCX or TXT format

Final Thoughts

You should not have any worries if you want to convert audio to text format. is an incredible app to go for and automatically convert your texts stress-free. This fantastic app allows you and many users to get creative and produce quality transcribed work and have fun.

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