My Fat Freezing & Zapping Adventure At AbsTrim Men

I have always been sceptical about weight loss services and their actual effectiveness. Being someone who exercise regularly, I personally believed that there is no shortcut to achieving a lean toned body other than dieting and regular exercise.

But as I grew older, it began to dawn on me that I need to put in a lot more efforts and time to make up for my dwindling metabolism rate. Being a part time blogger with a serious full time job, it’s getting more and more difficult to set aside more time to keep those irritating love handles at bay.

I was pleasantly surprised when AbsTrim Men offered me the opportunity to try out their latest Ice Sculpting Treatment for men! I am not a believer but I figured ‘Why not?’. It’s free anyway and if it does work, it will be a godsent.

I did a bit of research before I head down for my appointment. Ice Sculpting Treatment is actually a FDA approved, patented and non-invasive procedure for localized fat reduction. This proven technology for fat freezing is the complete solution for men who are time stricken and have troubles getting rid of stubborn fats on their tummy, up to 40%!

The treatment basically freezes excess fat cells to a stage where they crystallize and get drained off naturally through our body’s lymphatic system. Sounds good so far.

Having gotten the background information on what I am in for, I am at AbsTrim Men (The Central, Clark Quay) to get my abs!


I am tasked to fill up a detailed treatment profile form for Vernessa (AbsTrim Men Consultant) to have a good understanding of my general information, medical history and lifestyle habits. Next, my body weight, height and some really intimate information such as fat contents, muscles to fat ratio were taken. Not very pretty statistics, I must say…


Once all that was done, Vernessa sat me down for a through explanation of the report. Based on her explanation, I had the option to decide the particular problematic area I wish to focus on for the session. I shall bid farewell to my stubborn tummy & love handles.


Before we start the treatment proper, Pei Qi (AbsTrim Men Marketing Lady) brought me around to take a look at the outlet facilities. To cater for a variety of ambience preference, each outlet offers a unique theme. I am basking in their Balinese Resort theme at The Central outlet.


There’s a really comfy rest area for ladies only. Apparently – the men don’t get it.


All treatments are conducted at these spacious suites.


I loved the level of details they go to to fulfil the theme.


After I am comfortably wrapped up in towels, Christine (AbsTrim Men Therapist) commence my treatment with LX 7 Lymphatic Drainage aka Leg Detox. Besides providing a soothing massage effect through continuous and rhythmic air compression, the treatment improves blood circulation, lymph drainage which effectively break down fats and reduces cellulites around the hips, thighs, abdomen and arms area.


While doing that, Christine began to prepare the big toy for the ultimate fat killer.


She carefully massage my fats into the cup-like space on the freezing strobe and have them secured using some form of suction. Temperature will gradually start to fall from room temperature to -4 degrees. I could seriously feel my fats crystallising, it was an odd sensation but I got used to it after a while.

To achieve faster fat reduction results, additional Shock Therapy was applied to speed up the breaking down of fats and cellulites. The results were not too shabby. I lost about 1 cm off my tummy and love handles immediately after the treatment. My waist area felt significantly tighter, the flabby texture was gone. Maybe cause my fats are now solidified & packed after the cold treatment?

Vibroshape was the final part of the treatment. By standing on the vibrating platform, the machine was supposed to stimulates my entire body’s muscles and blood vessels while at the same time enhancing overall metabolism rate. The fun part is that slight changes to my posture actually helped me to target different areas on my body.


Although I am a sceptic of weight loss solutions, I am admit that I am pretty surprised with the results from Bioskin Ice Sculpting Treatment. My body actually ached the very next day after the treatment. It feels as though I have done a rather strenuous workout the day before. That probably came from the Vibroshape.

Overall, it was a great experience and I am now a lot more receptive to weight loss services. Really grateful to Pei Qi, Vernessa and Christine for their time.


Visit for more information about AbsTrim Men Ice Sculpting treatment today!

Bioskin is beauty and wellness company established by Chief Executive Officer Ms Mathilda Koh in 1996. Being a trusted brand now well-known for its face and body treatments, Bioskin expands and introduces its subsidiary, AbsTrim Men, which specializes in tummy slimming services for men.

Understanding that men are facing long hours of work and increasing stress, AbsTrim Men addresses these issues by providing fast and immediate results with the use of new cutting edge technology to effectively breakdown stubborn fats around the abdominal area. They even guide you through the entire slimming journey from detox, fat burning to muscle toning that brings your closer to your ideal body shape!

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    Glad it worked for you. I think I might still be a bit too chicken to try this.


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