La ┼átruk Zagreb – Homely Devotion To Traditional Croatian ┼átrukli

Being relatively new to Croatian cuisine, we did our fair bit of research before venturing to its capital. Apparently, a doughy parcel known as štrukli is one of the north-Croatian cuisine signatures, and the best place to sample this delicious delicacy is non-other than La Štruk Zagreb. This restaurant dedicated its entire menu with several varieties from preparation style to presentation and taste. This clearly shows how Croatians love this dish and also how flexible this basic štrukli dish can be. 

La ┼átruk Zagreb – The Journey To Delicious ┼átrukli

Located in the Upper Town, we left the Palace Hotel Zagreb for Lotr┼í─Źak Tower before heading over to La ┼átruk for lunch. With a quite a filling breakfast at our hotel and random munchies at Dolac Market, ┼ítrukli for us was more of a dessert rather than a decent lunch. The restaurant is nestled in the bustling, picturesque and medieval Skalinska street, packed both with tourists and locals. Like most of the shopfront in Croatia, the entrance to La ┼átruk was a hole in the wall. We actually walked passed it a few times without realising. It does not have official shopfront signage, you have to spot their hanging signage right above the door.

La ┼átruk Zagreb – A Homely & Cosy Little Bistro

A cute little bistro, the interior is divided into three parts – the main room is located on Skalinska Street and there are two smaller areas closer to their kitchen and the washroom.

There is also an intimate garden area with plenty of tables where you can escape the hustle and bustle of Zagreb streets. Unfortunately, the area was closed off during winter when we were visiting. 

This would be how it would look during the warmer months which would also be the awfully crowded periods. These rugged walls on the left-hand side of the photo are actually part of the historic medieval Kaptol fortification walls. While you enjoy your creamy, bubbling štrukli, keep in mind that you are also sitting in a place filled with a rich history.

La ┼átruk Zagreb – The ┼átrukli Experience

Based on the menu, štrukli comes either cooked (boiled) or gratinated (baked). Based on what we understand cheese štrukli are usually eaten as a savoury dish while sweet versions with jam make great desserts. For the most updated menu, please visit their Facebook Page.

We ordered a baked savoury Truffle Štrukli & a sweet Štrukli With Walnuts & Honey (boiled štrukli was not available). Our truffle štrukli was simply divine with strong hints of truffles (Croatians are very generous with their truffles). The Štrukli With Walnuts & Honey was not really to my liking. It reminded me too much of oatmeal porridge.

Pretty substantial as a meal, we finished off with a warm glass of milk & rum. The combination was a novelty that we did not really get used to. But still, we recommend for you to sample and experience it for yourself. We doubt there are many other places that serve it.

La ┼átruk Zagreb – Plan Your Visit

Overall, we really enjoyed the štrukli and dining experience. We chanced upon štrukli at Christmas markets as well as hotel breakfast but the quality and taste did not do this signature Croatian dish justice. If you are looking to visit to savour traditional štrukli, here are the full details:

Address: Skalinska 5 Zagreb 10000 | Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon – Thurs), 11am – 11pm (Fri & Sat) & 11.30am – 10pm (Sun) | Tel: +385 1 4837 701 | Facebook: La Struk Zagreb

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