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Janice Wong CNY 2024 – Auspicious Sweets For New Dragon Year

For the Year of the Dragon, Janice Wong Pure Imagination™ is delighted to reveal an abundance of sweet treats to ring in the Lunar New Year. This year’s collection features a dazzling array of chocolate delights and festive cookies, recreating familiar and prosperous symbols while bringing back all-time favourites with intriguing twists. Pre-orders are now available on with shipping from 12th January 2024.


Janice Wong’s signature silky, lavish chocolates are given a celebratory makeover, decorated with characters representing wealth, prosperity and good fortune. For a Box of 9 chocolates ($39), these come in Chicken Bakkwa Praline Poprocks, Red Date Pistachio Praline, and Sesame Praline to usher in the festivities.


The ornate Lion Head Set of 5 ($68) has five flavours. With explosive colours reminiscent of the auspicious time of the year, the Lion Head Set echoes the captivating versatility of praline by introducing unique variations such as Orange Praline Poprock, Red Date Pistachio Praline, Ginger Hazelnut, Longan Pecan Praline, and Sesame Praline.


This year, Janice Wong also brings back the stunning Koi Fish Set of 3 ($58). These artistic treats reunite the familiarity of orange and chocolate flavours to produce sweet, velvety, and delectable pecan orange chocolate koi fishes. Each fish is set to represent the colours of the festive new year, perfect for gatherings with little ones.


For more intimate gatherings, consider the breathtaking masterpieces resembling symbols of good fortune. These astonishing cakes are modelled after notable Lunar New Year symbolisms such as Red Cracker, Fortune, Lucky Bamboo, and Mandarin Orange. Each mini cake is also uniquely flavoured with complementing flavours such as dark chocolate mousse, hae bee crispy, and chocolate cake for the fitting Red Cracker replica. These impressive mini cakes come at $12 each.


Bringing back her traditional cookies, Janice Wong offers classical Chinese New Year favourites with twists that satisfy taste-hunters. These new takes include the Salted Egg Yolk Cookies ($29.5), Pineapple Flower Tarts ($35), Chicken Floss Sesame Cookies ($29.5), Chocolate Bakkwa Cookies ($29.5), Pineapple Balls ($35), and Chocolate Coated Pineapple Balls ($38).

To further share the joy of this new year with the entire family, check out the Assorted CNY Dragon Cookie Tin ($58), featuring classics such as the Pineapple Ball and Dark Chocolate Almond. These traditional bites are perfect for the elders and children. The limited tin also contains the luscious Whisky Truffle Ball, Sea Salt Dulcey Truffle Ball, and Ruby Chocolate Macadamia, all great for adults in a get-together.


The well-curated hampers on offer are ideal for families who want to make a lasting impression or enjoy an extravagant reunion. The hampers range in size and offerings, each ready to enhance the festive atmosphere with unique sets of delicacies. The Fortune Hamper ($98) comes with two Pure Imagination Chocolate Bars, Pineapple Flower Tart, and Pineapple Flower Ball, ideal for small get-togethers. For dessert aficionados, consider the alluring Overflowing Abundance hamper ($150) which comes with the Assorted Cookies Tin, and Janice Wong’s signature Box of 16 Chocolate Bon Bons.

For the ultimate lavish experience this Lunar New Year, the Toast to Wealth and Success Hamper ($360) is a stunning selection that is sure to wow family and friends with this season’s exclusive goodness – Pineapple Flower Tart, Pineapple Ball, Chicken Floss Sesame Cookies, Chocolate Bakkwa Cookies, and a bottle of Stardust Bottega.

Janice Wong’s Lunar New Year collection is now live for orders. For orders or enquiries, please visit or email [email protected].

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