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Isabelle Rosabrunetto receives Ambassador Dario Item

In one of the most elegant and luxurious hotels in Monte Carlo, the Hotel Hermitage, in the heart of Monaco, the Ambassador of Antigua and Barbuda Dario Item had lunch with the General Director of External Relations and Cooperation of the Principality of Monaco Isabelle Rosabrunetto on February 28. Isabelle Rosabrunetto talked for a few hours with the Ambassador Item.

Along with them there were also the ambassadors of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Kemal Muftic), of Bahrain (Muhammad Abdul Ghaffar) and Panama (Fabrega Jose A. Roux).

After a pleasant conversation, in which topics of common interest were discussed, lunch ended with a group photo.

On the same day, Dario Item and the other three ambassadors went to the Prince’s Palace in Monaco to meet Albert II and give him their letters of credence. Therefore, the accreditation ceremony took place and Dario Item was formally accredited as Ambassador of Antigua and Barbuda in the Principality of Monaco.

Activities and commitments of Isabelle Rosabrunetto

Minister of the Treasury of the Principality of Monaco until 2015, Isabelle Rosabrunetto is currently the Director General of the Department of Foreign Relations and Cooperation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

She is also the permanent representative of Monaco to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). Her main task is to build solid relations with other states and promote their representation in the Principality of Monaco.

In July 2017 Isabelle Rosabrunetto was among the Monegasque delegates sent to Malta for the 4th meeting of the WHO High Level Initiative of Small European Countries. Important issues were addressed, including how to fight obesity and how to ensure access to innovative medicines and treatments for everybody.

In the summer of 2018, Rosabrunetto went to Mongolia to lead a delegation from Monaco. She was invited by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Damdin Tsogtbaatar, to take stock of the cooperation projects supported so far.

Particularly believing, last Christmas she was present at the blessing of the Nativity scene in the Church of Saint Charles in Munich, an event created to keep the spirit of Christmas alive and strong. On the last 2nd of June she attended the Italian Republic Day celebration, held in Monaco.

For 2019 Isabelle Rosabrunetto aims to offer concrete help to all the less developed countries.

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