Help Interfone Raise Fund To Revolutionise Voice & Data Usage Overseas!

With high costs and the hassle of existing voice and data roaming solutions, Interfone‘s SIM sticker offers a convenient and affordable alternative to both business and leisure travellers. To help revolutionise your voice and data usage overseas in the near future, Interfone aims to raise USD $25,000 on Indiegogo to fund their idea. With your support financially through crowdfunding, you can potentially change the way travellers communicate through voice and data around the world.

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How It Works

Typically, when overseas, travellers tend to restrict their usage of phone calls and mobile data to avoid exorbitant phone bills. Other troublesome alternatives include getting a local prepaid SIM for each country (without number retention) or renting an overseas wifi router.

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Using innovative SIM technology, the Interfone SIM sticker is less than 0.5 millimeters thick and is attached to the back of a local operator SIM Card in a one-time application. Travellers can enjoy high quality and cost-effective voice and data services while retaining their number, without ever having to buy a local SIM card at their destination. All you need is a convenient one time installation of the Interfone SIM sticker as shown below.

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“As a frequent business traveller myself, I needed a convenient and affordable method to communicate with global colleagues and clients while travelling. Buying local SIM cards in every country was not ideal,” says Erik Rasmussen, CEO of Interfone. “We are proud to offer our pioneering chip technology – the Interfone SIM sticker, which will be your solution to hassle-free roaming.”

What’s It In For Me?

The launch through the Indiegogo campaign allows you to get the first Interfone SIM stickers in the market for the following key benefits:


Make and receive local and international calls with your original number. No additional codes or SIM cards needed.



In almost 100 countries when we connect you to local networks. You’ll be able to get access to your emails as well as social apps easily while you’re on the go.



Save on roaming when you use the Interfone network for incoming and outgoing calls.


The Interfone SIM sticker is a SIM card applied to the back of the home SIM card which is  inserted into the SIM card tray. Along with the MY INTERFONE APP on Android and iOS, travellers can activate the Interfone SIM to detect the location and route to Interfone’s network, manage account credit, and check out competitive rates for data and calls while on the go.

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The Interfone SIM has been tried & tested in over 50 home countries including: Australia, Denmark, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Norway, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, UK, US and more. Travellers from these countries can make and receive voice calls and use data roaming with ease in almost 100 countries within Interfone’s mobile operator network.

Pledge Your Support Now

The Indiegogo pledge tiers for Interfone are as follows:

1. Fundamental: USD $10 – Rewards only

For those in countries that have not been tested for Home SIM usage, this fee will ensure they will be first to have the Interfone SIM sticker when Interfone has expanded into that market. Backers of this tier will receive Interfone branded travel accessories.

2. Basic: USD $25 for USD $50 credit

Double the credit for those in Home SIM tested countries to try out the service. Backers of this tier will also receive Interfone branded travel accessories.

3. Intermediate: USD $50 for USD $112.50 credit

2.25 times the credit for those in Home SIM tested countries to take advantage of this exclusive deal on Indiegogo. Backers of this tier will also receive Interfone branded travel accessories.

4. Advanced: USD $100 for $250 credit

2.5 times the credit for those in Home SIM tested countries to get maximum gains from the campaign. Backers of this tier will also receive Interfone branded travel accessories.

To see the Interfone SIM sticker in action, view the video below!

For more details, please visit the Interfone SIM sticker Indiegogo page or drop an email at Follow updates of the campaign on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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