Hattendo Singapore Cream Muffin Debuts National Day 2017

Hattendo, Japan’s most famous cream bun maker, is introducing a brand new product on its shelf – cream muffins. Part of the new cream muffin collection, the Singapore Cream Muffin that is designed and developed specially for Singapore on its 52nd birthday will make its debut at Singapore Coffee Festival 2017 and will be sold at the Hattendo Cafe exclusively from 7 to 13 August 2017.

A three-generation bakery, Hattendo was originally established as a Japanese traditional confectionery shop Hiroshima, Japan in 1933. Takamasa Morimitsu, the grandson of the founder brought the drastic change in the family business by focusing only on cream buns in 2007. The company has shops in Korea and Singapore, with 25 outlets across Japan.

What’s Special About Hattendo Singapore Cream Muffin?

These cream muffins feature three layers of deliciousness.

1. Crispy Biscuit Exterior

The outer layer is made of crispy biscuit mixed with crunchy almonds, pearl sugar and chocolate chips. The mixture adds the nutty fragrance and the unique texture to the crispy biscuit, creating an unforgettable first bite. The biscuit crust holds all the goodness inside so that it is easy to be consumed on the go!

2. Melting Soft Dough

The muffin is made of the fluffiest, pillowy soft dough that melts in your mouth. The light and airy dough were achieved after many attempts to achieve the perfect texture.

3. The Muffin Core – The Perfect Cream 

Famous for their cream bun, Hattendo’s biggest strength lies in their special homemade cream recipe that has become a favourite to many. Hattendo Singapore Cream Muffin features a double cream filling of kaya jam and custard cream, which was specially developed to complement the fragrant kaya jam. There are also chocolate flavoured custard cream and matcha flavour custard cream available. For the Matcha Muffin, Yame Matcha, a very fragrant and fine quality matcha from Fukuoka Japan, is used.

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4. No Preservatives 

The cream muffin is made of fine ingredients with no use of preservatives. Therefore, the expiration date is set as 24 hours after baking.

Get Your Muffins Now!

Both Cream Muffins (Matcha & Chocolate) and Singapore Cream Muffins (Kaya Jam x Custard) are now available at S$3.00 each. Get it here:

Hattendo Cafe

Address: 7 Wallich Street, Tanjong Pagar Centre #01-05 Singapore 078884 | Opening Hours: 10am – 9pm (Mon – Fri) & 11am – 8pm (Sat – Sun) | Website: Hattendo CafeFacebook: Hattendo Singapore  | Instagram: Hattendo Singapore

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